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I'm a student. And my weight is so low, so, I need some medicine for gain my weight. So please help me.
1 Doctor answered
Can you please suggest a female sex enhancement medicine for my wife we are newly married couple and she's sex agretion is to low that's why we are unhappy in our physical life, please suggest any female sex enhancement medicine and help me out of this problem.
1 Doctor answered
I got married recently. My husband working in IT field. Most of the days he his working in Night shift. We are living alone so there is No issue in Day time. But he did Sex with me all days. Even in the period time also he is did Sex. Any tablet available for me for tiredness sex?
1 Doctor answered
I am overweight nd m tired of it please you can suggest me some ways to loss weight.
1 Doctor answered
How to get a healthy digestive and immune system? I really feel like I've very bad Immune system what should I do? I do no exercise, no fruits and vegetables, less water, no regular sleep, always I have too much stress and anxiety and anger, I get panic easily, I sit and sleep entire day watching mobile and laptop, I feel tired with less stamina, I feel sweaty all the day, I've some grey hairs too now and dark circles near eyes, I'm emotionally dead, my libido is extremely low, I'm totally inactive now, From 6-8 months I was getting softer, mushy stools never hard, Sometimes even Sour smelling, Sometimes very strong smelling, I got Pale yellow stool also, But only twice in 8 months, I did 2 stool tests, No Bacteria, Blood, Pus,Mucus, Fat, Undigested food or reducing substances, I feel no pain, bloating,nausea, jaundice, I'm active, I visited 6 different doctors for this problem, All say I'm okay, but I took many drugs and antibiotics in 8 months, I think I've ruined myself It's the end! I'm really scared.
1 Doctor answered
Hi doctor, In my head I have few patches white in colour as like skin it is stuck to the scalp and when I comb or using nail I scratch them and it looks like skin and blood comes from that spot. I really don't know what this problem is. Another problem is lot of hair fall, is it due to this white skin like patches in the scalp or I don't know what is the issue hair is falling like anything and I have lost 10 times the density of the hair that I have now in my scalp. Could you suggest me some solution for it.
1 Doctor answered
Dr. When I masturbate I will cum very quick max 4 to 5 min what can I do to long last in bed?
1 Doctor answered
I'm 22 years old. Today I had sex with my boyfriend and I'm not sure if sperm entries or not. So should I take unwanted 72? Is it safe for me?
1 Doctor answered
Sir me satisfy nai ho pata hu aur mera time short hai sir mere problem ka solvesonal do sir olzzz.
1 Doctor answered
Hair fall problem. Bahut zyada gir rahe hain. Bacha lo bhaiya. Dandruff bhi bahut hai. Nahane ka man hi ni krta dar ke mare. Tel lagane me bi dar lagta hai.
1 Doctor answered
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