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Right shoulder pain, when making movement, if heat therapy and vibrate applications, pain is manageable. Please suggest.
1 Doctor answered
Hello sir/mam. I am 19 years old and my sister is 17 years old .i hve vry big problem of acne on nose. It occurs only on nose both of us .so plzz tell wat should I do?
1 Doctor answered
Telmact CT prescribed for hyper tension. The bp values after taking medicine are 115/58. Shall I continue same dose or reduce it to half.
1 Doctor answered
My age 21 nd height 165 cm Mujhe weight gain krna hai please give me some tips or suggest me some food to archive my target 70 kg ND tell me me protein carbs and fats requirement for my body ND suggest me best protein powder which did not have any side effects. Thanks.
1 Doctor answered
Hello Doctor. Which underwear is best for penis health And which size I wore penis size 4 inch in erection.
2 Doctors answered
I have done masturbation since last 4 days till now continuously which is like 3 or 4 times per week .I can't able to control my self .by doing that, I had a memory problem and poor concentration I don't know how to recover from it will you give me the advice for recovering from it? If not, I have been loss my future! Please!
1 Doctor answered
I am 20 years I want to lose my fat and gain muscle mass I am 78 and I want to get down to 70 help me.
1 Doctor answered
What precautions has to taken during jaundice illness. How long it takes to recover?
1 Doctor answered
I am male me have one testis. Passed eight years I had been undergone inguinal hernia surgery. Doctor as done orchiectomy. And am married mines sexual life is good. But no child. Semen analysis is azoospermia. Fsh is 32.18 lh 11.08 prolactin normal and testosterone 431.32.
1 Doctor answered
Last night, while having sex with my girlfriend without condom I found that I am having too much pain while putting inside her. This was my first time without condom so I became worried that if I am unable to have sex without condom at all. So I researched on internet and found that Some guys had the same problem like me and it is called something like "Frenulum Breve" My foreskin is not tight but my frenulum is I am seeking for any medicine suggestion and exercises. I don't want to go to any doctor due to some family issue. Please help.
1 Doctor answered
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