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How to loose weight within 1 months. I prefer exercise or dieting more than medicine.
1 Doctor answered
As per your advice I got my blood test for fasting and PP. Please advise what should I now do. Fasting blood sugar is 115.54 and PP blood sugar is 123.01.
1 Doctor answered
I want to increase my height and reduce my belly fat. Which exercise and diet should I follow?
2 Doctors answered
Hi Sir, flotral 10gm taken every day any sexual problem facing like decrease sexual strength.
1 Doctor answered
I have 8 mm kidney stone in right side. Right side back pain is severe can it remove by .Medicine. Or surgery. Because I am afraid to surgery. Please suggest me as soon as possible. I am help less.
1 Doctor answered
Hi my son diagnosed as Crohn disease because of Crohn he is suffering for constipation. We try many medicines. Examples Laxido ,movicole, clean pep, se a tablets, and enema, but he still suffers from constipation so please can any body give me a advice wat is alter net please. Thank you very much.
1 Doctor answered
From a few days I am sleeping at 12.00 and suddenly wake up at 3.00 or 4.00 or not able to sleep thereafter. please help me.
1 Doctor answered
I am un married male-31-virgin. There might be any problem if I marry being virgin or should have to have sex before marriage with somebody. I am good in masturbate. General time my penis is small and when the time it's 4 inches only. What problems might I face if I am virgin till marriage. Please suggest me how to proceed.
1 Doctor answered
Hi sir am Shanthi from Chennai, I have hypothyroidism for almost 3 years I am under treatment with uthyrox 75Microgram TSH was 16 after 1 month I rechecked T4 12 microgram T3 1.3 and TSH 0.03.i am having Brazil nuts daily. Can I stop the medication sir or I need to reduce the dosage to 50/25? Can I take Brazil nuts?
1 Doctor answered
I am suffering from headache since I went to the underground tunnel in my office. Please let me know what precaution should I take?
1 Doctor answered
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