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I can't find my girls clitoris, above urethra there is normal skin and she don't feel anything if I touch there. If I put finger in her vagina also she don't feel anything but she feels lots of pain. She is virgin also. She never experienced a penetration of penis. Only my finger. What to do? How to give her sexual pleasure n orgasm?
1 Doctor answered
A 24 year old female. I am a patient of bipolar disorder. My period is late. I am having black discharge from today. Is my mental state a cause of it?
1 Doctor answered
Is it possible to start lactation without pregnancy? We are adopting a new born baby. Please suggest!
2 Doctors answered
Hi, actually There are so many Pimples and scars on my face. And this is from the last 4 years ,now I am 20. I am worried about it now. I would like to tell "I also got treatment in the RML hospital" But nothing happened yet.
1 Doctor answered
My friend is 24 years old and he is having BP problem hes BP not coming under control. He feels dizzy and unconsciousness type and he has pain in chest. What should he do. Please help me. How shud it be cured?
1 Doctor answered
Sir, my self suffering from male sex problem like that shighrapatan, I am 35 years old male person, please advise. Regards
1 Doctor answered
My sperm motility Is low. Doctor said I am having grade 1 varicocele. Whether it will affect the fertility? Whether need surgery for that.
1 Doctor answered
Sir, I have a problem of sperm out during urine. Also, my timing in sex is just 10-15 sec only. Also after taking a healthy diet my weight is not increasing from last 4 years.
2 Doctors answered
I have been diagnosed with fatty infiltrates in liver. I have got my blood tests done. HAEMOGRAM normal FASTING LIPID PROFILE normal. RFT normal LFT says SGOT 51 PT INR normal BT CT normal. BSL F & PP NORMAL. ONLY THE SGOT says 51 above the normal range. What does the usg & blood tests indicate. What further treatment should I take. Is it life threatening? Also will the condition be reversed if I take low fat diet & exercise. I have stopped taking alcohol which I used to take occasionally once a week. Have an abstinence period of alcohol for last 20 days. Also have started brisk walking for 60 mins a day. Can you please suggest the best on above all. Also should I go for an fibrous scan.
1 Doctor answered
Hello One of my friends (25 years old) has asthma problem. He has allergy with medicine and dust. Breathing is hard to him. While he becomes tired, he cannot breathe well. What is the medication? Is there any vaccine, special medicine or any operation to solve it? Now he is using inhaler salbutamol three times in a day. Thanks.
1 Doctor answered
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