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Hi my weight is 81 kgs my age is 27. I have a blood pressure problem 140/80 so please tell me a diet food and how much time should I workout.
1 Doctor answered
What are the symptoms of HIV? Having just fever (very mild) from 10 days. Blood report for typhoid came as salmonella typhi:-1: 160. I am tensed of hiv bec I had intercourse with my girlfriend last year. We know each other from 5 years. I did not penetrate or eject into her. I had just kept a tip of penis on her vagina openings. IS THERE ANYTHING TO WORRY?
2 Doctors answered
We have 6 month old baby and my wife conceived this month we are not ready for second child and she is also need to prepare mentally and physically, We had safe sex 22nd day of her periods but still she test shows positive, How could we overcome from this is their any tablet for this stage 1 month 20 days over from the last period.
1 Doctor answered
My hair is falling. I don't know what should I do please help me with this problem.
1 Doctor answered
I had unprotected sex with my bf. But he didn't sperm inside. I have PCOS. Will there be any chance of pregnancy?
3 Doctors answered
I am suffering to weakness and filling so tired. How can I recover from this. I am so thick means dubla patla.
2 Doctors answered
I am on Thyronorm 12. 5 mcg for 4 years. Recently when the TSH was not in range (6.67) so I increased the dose to 25 mcg. After 90 days the TSH is <0.01uIU/ml and T4 is 13. 5ug/dl. Should I stop taking Thyronorm now?
1 Doctor answered
I have psoriasis found out recently. Can you suggest me what kind of food should I eat and can I take omega 3 fatty acids supplements because I heard that they make this condition little better. I don't eat non veg so I feel I don't get omega 3 through diet. Thank you.
1 Doctor answered
Hi sir. My problem is don't Erect my panic is & I got discharge soon before sex & My penis is very lose & small please help.
2 Doctors answered
What will be optimal day of sex for getting my wife pregnant. Tell me the day when the chances of pregnancy is higher.
2 Doctors answered
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