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I had my period started on 9 Aug with the duration of 5 days and had sex on 18 Aug. I took the I pill within an hour of unprotected sex. How much chances of pregnancy?
2 Doctors answered
Hi. I am 37 years and do have uric acid around 6.5-7-8 range (ups and downs. Generally I take zylotic of 100x2 gm a day. Test report as follows- On 12th July - 7 On 23rd July - 6.01 (was taking zylotic 100x2) And same does continuing. On 18th Aug - 9.5 Creatinine - 1.01 Recently I have lost 12 kgs in last 50 days for diet and exercise. But during last and second last report I am in keto diet and 90% + vegetarian food. I am clueless why it may happened. I am taking 3-4 lot of water. I took spinach, mushrooms, paneer, cauliflower etc thrice a week among other vegetables and flax, chia, water melon seeds. Some places I see spinach/mushrooms can raise uric acid, some other says no. I am confused what could be the reason? Because if I can't identify the reason I feel it's difficult to control. Please guide to control and remedy.
1 Doctor answered
I underwent iui on 21st july. Upt done on 7th August but result is the negative. repeat Upt on 16 August result is negative. Usg done. Follicles are formed in the good size and endometrium is good. But my period is not come on this month only spotting. What I do.
2 Doctors answered
Hello, Botox treatment is only for men. Is this available for women? How much does it cost?
1 Doctor answered
Hi I'm suffering from severe hair fall and hair greying problem, please tell what should I do and my skin tone also getting darker dunno why. My cbc and other tests are normal.
1 Doctor answered
I am 18 I have fungal infection how to remove it in 15 days which medicine I required and one problem I have back pain in one side give me best medicine for this.
1 Doctor answered
Please give me a diet chat. I am suffering from obesity. How can I remove extra fat and bad cholesterol? Please provide me with a diet chart.
1 Doctor answered
My hand is shaking and I have back pain. Loss of legs and stroke disability. I take blood test and ultrasound scan my report is blood test is alkaline phosphatase level in 169 alanine transmission-40 uric acid-7.3 calcium-9.2 proten-7.18 albumin-4.36 cholesterol-127 trigyerides-127 thyroxine-4.3 and get ultrasound scan to my kidney and overly and other organs partially visualized and liver is fatty and enzymes is mild increased any bone problems how to solve the problems I have some have already take psychiatric medicine using in quetiapine 275 mg using 5 years any long term side effects of this drug.
1 Doctor answered
I am 22 years old female, my skin is getting bit darker due to sun exposure. Both my arms and face are getting darker in colour, please suggest me some nature remedies to get recover from this and and also please suggest me some sunscreen lotion.
2 Doctors answered
I am suffering from Dandruff and hair fall can you please suggest me any solution.
1 Doctor answered
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