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Hi, I used to a walker during my college days and have a lot of stamina. However after 10 years of work life my stamina has taken a huge hit. I Am not able to be active like I used to be. I maintain a good appetite and I am not obese, but I want to regain my stamina. Please suggest.
1 Doctor answered
I am 21 years old n I have dark circles which are genetic. Can they be removed with some under eye creams without any cosmetic surgeries?
1 Doctor answered
M social anxiety disorders ki dvai leta h muje puchna h ki kya is bimari ki dvaiyo ko bhi antibiotics kahte h Ya please tell me that antibiotics kya hota h.
1 Doctor answered
Respected sir, I am 36 years old and working computer operator 10 hrs in textile showroom. I have problem with itchy rashes on body badly and itching on anus side at night time badly .I think I consult a gastroenterologist or endoscopy is right please suggest me what to do and suggest best endoscopy clinic in Coimbatore .Thanking you.
1 Doctor answered
I am loosing my hair day by day. How can I reduce it. Many hairs are damaged in my head ever day during combing.
1 Doctor answered
Me and my partner perform some oral sex .but my female partner had perform oral sex like blowjob with some other three people in her previous past and she had a white coated on her tongue and had a problem of open sore. So is there any kind of sexual infection .Please help us. Is there symptom of having cancer?
1 Doctor answered
Hi, I got my lab tests done yesterday for lft, cbp etc. The good cholesterol, HDL is 35 and I want to improve. Please lemme know how can I do that.
2 Doctors answered
When my girlfriend touches my penis it starting ozzing a transparent sticky liquid in a large amount. It make starts dripping and I have not done sex so I want to know that what is this is it bad or good is my penis weak or strong and what should I do to make my penis strong and healthy and I am going to join judo classes next month so please help me because me and my gf are in a serious relationship and shes worried about it that what happen after our marriage so doc's please help us!
1 Doctor answered
Good afternoon doctor. I am suffering from anal fissure from last 6 months and taking homeopathic treatment. But as I am little overweight (83 kg -175 cm), I want to make a body with some good muscles. So my issue is, that can I take protein resources/power for muscles if it does not affect my fissure. Or should I drop this idea?
1 Doctor answered
I had early lumbar spondylosis and l4-l5 &l5-s1 diffuse disc bulge causing thecal sac indentation and narrowing of bilateral neural foramina. From last three months, now if I go to seat at chair I am getting saviour burning at batock I am unable to sit for at least 2 hours. How to overcome from back pain whether it is by exercises or medicines or by physio Therapy. Please suggest how to get I am normal. Thank you.
1 Doctor answered
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