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I am working on Computers & wear spectacles. Dark circles under my eyes day by day is getting darker. Advice how to remove it.
2 Doctors answered
Sir when I start running fast during exercise I have problem in breathing for few minutes and my weight is 74 kg and height is 167 cm.
1 Doctor answered
I am feeling week and short of breath sometimes. Sir my platelets count decreased 1lakh40 then I put on a healthy diet it was 2.lakh50 again in two three days platelets drop to 1.lakh70 .now again I am eating iron capsule and healthy diet. I have done all the reports like cbc liver lft typhoidot dengue. All went normal. My esr is 15 .it been month I am feeling weakness in my leg joints. Kindly help.
1 Doctor answered
Before 20 days me and my gf made love. But we did not do sex. Except sex we did everything. She is still virgin. We regret anal sex also. But little sperm touches her anal and little bit very small on vagina, on outer skin of vagina. Can you told me is there any chances of pregnancy. Because her period is getting very late. Pls tell me fast.
1 Doctor answered
Hi, I am living in mumbai but I have a problem with my health that I don't eat much and do much exercises but still gets fat. I am so tired of this so please can you suggest me some ideas to drop my weight?
1 Doctor answered
Wake up at 8 Have a full mug milk tea Went to my chicken shop until 12.30 not much hard work. 2 hours sleeping in after noon again 3.00 to 7.00 on shop. 1 cup tea at 4.00 Dinner at 7.30 of 4 chapati with any normal gravy made by mom. Junk food once in month Grill food out side 2 to 3 times in month. Sleep at 1.00 a.m to 8.00 a.m This is my life. Play football for 30 to 40 min in 4 times in month. Daily 5000 steps walking according to ky lenovo smartband. What should I do. This is my life style. I got belly fat on my stomach visible from any shirt tshirt. waist almost 34. How to trsfr this fat into mass. I am just 27 n I can not look like that.
1 Doctor answered
Five beneficial exercises for reducing knee pain & increasing synovial fluid supplements.
1 Doctor answered
Hi I'm 21 now and suggest me a good diet and I want to reduce my belly fat and want a good body shape and I'm having dandruff in my scalp due to which I'm having hair fall so also need a suggestion for that Please help me out.
1 Doctor answered
Hi, Can someone help me with a budget nutrition plan please? I am a college student and have been bodybuilding since 4 years to cut fat. The last bit of it just won't go and my parents have prohibited me from using supplements. for increasing muscle. Any sort of guidance would be welcome. Also I'm an endomorph body type. Thanks and advance.
1 Doctor answered
I am 35 years old. Since last 20 years I am suffering from depression, anxiety,panic attacks. Lost career. Relationships.everything. Tried many treatments, no one suggested me to see psychiatrist. After divorce have been sexually harassed by so many people, everyone approaching me just for sex, when I refuse they abuse me verbally. Most of them are my school friends, people I knew for many years. Because I am divorcee, and I am so much emotionally and mentally disturb they are trying to take advantage of my situation. I have blocked everyone. I have stopped receiving calls. I have stopped going out. I am so afraid to go out as I can not handle this sexual harassment anymore. I am rape victim. I do not know how I am going to spend rest of my life. There is any way that I can live normal life ever again.
1 Doctor answered
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