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My bilirubin level are 5.08 and I want to get them below 1. How can I do that quickly?
1 Doctor answered
How to take care of eyes, what should be done for good eyesight? I Use computer 6-7 hours daily. Can it cause any problem in eyes? I do not have numbers in my eyes. So I do not wear glass.
1 Doctor answered
I had unsafe sex with my girlfriend 2009 to 2012 maximum 5 to 6 times in that period. (She's married past 12 years) I have completed 9 years from 2009 to 2017 but there are no symptoms on the body. I tested my std panel in 2016 my all test results came negative (only hsv1positive ). But still I am a healthy male. No health issues. So now my question is. I have been reading about hpv over the past several months, I feel like now I can be hpv too. Now day's I am fully in depression (1) Can there be a possibility of HPV after so many years? (2009 to 2017)(2) How do I get rid of HPV from my mind? (3) My exposure was last in 2012, after that I have not had sex yet. (4) I have never seen any signs in so many years, whether I am free from HPV or I will have to wait longer.
1 Doctor answered
I am issue related sex problem. I have weakness please give me any medicines to I am become strong person and doing sex with my wife and girlfriend also .this is my issue .how you can help me. Thank you.
1 Doctor answered
My sis have a habit of talking with herself, is dis sign of depression, what is the reason behind it.
1 Doctor answered
3 days ago I had high fever 103° Headache ; weakness ; no appetite ; dehydration These conditions have been prevailing since I ate paracetamol and chronic Syrup but hasn't shown any results yet Pls. I'm getting weaker help_.
1 Doctor answered
I am 59 years old lady and now-a-days I do not like vegetables and raw fruits, salad etc. Can you please suggest what should I do.
1 Doctor answered
Sir, my hight is 5.2 and I want to increase my height with Ayurveda treatment please help me how to increase my height and my age 18 can I increase my height.
2 Doctors answered
I had sex with married women 2009 to 2012. Protection and without protection also 5/7 times. My last exposure in 2012. I tested my std panel in 2016. My all test came negative only Hsv 1 came positive. I have never been oral sex. So I have hsv 1 don't know orally or gentle. But still I have not any kind of symptoms on my body. I am a healthy male 28 years old. I have been reading about Hpv on Google since last several months. Right now, I feel like I have become hsv with Hpv but its symptoms are not visible. Since then I have read about HPV on Google since then I have started moving like crazy. Fully depression. Is it possible after long period? I have completed 9 years from 2009 to 2017 but there are no symptoms on the body. Still any chance of hpv or not? I showed to a skin specialist doctor that the doctor said that you do not have to worry about hpv. You are safe so can I believe on my doctor. Please help me I am safe or not after this period because still I am in full depression.
1 Doctor answered
I am 19 and I had sex without precaution but my partner released the sperm outside. I have my last periods on 19 august. I am very confused that am I going to be pregnant. What to do? please help me.
1 Doctor answered
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