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Methamphetamine Test

Methamphetamine Test

also known as: Desoxyn®

Methamphetamine, commonly called as meth, is a strong, addictive stimulant that impacts the central nervous system. It is mainly used for recreational use, and has a very high potential for abuse and dependency. Therefore, testing the consumption of meth holds a special significance in framing criminal charges, and in sports doping tests.

Negligible preparation is required to do the test. Test kits are readily available over the counter.

Owing to the rapid increase in the movement and consumption of meth worldwide, the uses of Methamphetamine test are widespread. The test is vital to validate that a person is an addict to meth, which in turn, can be used to justify his/her abnormal behaviour. It is also used to diagnose the reasons for sudden burst in energy and physical performance.

The test for Methamphetamine ecompasses a simple procedure, and is conducted on urine. First of all, collect a urine sample in a clean and dry (preferably clinically cleaned or virgin) container. The sample can be collected at any hour of the day. Next, get a Methamphetamine testing kit, and dip the stripe in the urine sample for about 5 minutes.

For the strip to show a positive test result, NO line will appear in the testing region of the strip, while a single line will appear in the control region This indicates that the meth drug test was successful, and meth is present in the body beyond the normal limits.

If no line appears in the test region of the strip, this means that the test result is negative. A line will appear in the control region in this case as well, indicating a successful test.

If no line at all appears, i.e., there’s no line in the control region of the strip, the test is invalidates. Either the urine sample is inadequate or you have not conducted the test properly.

Whole blood
5 mL
Lavender-top (EDTA) tube, gray-top (sodium fluoride) tube, or green-top (heparin) tube.
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
0.1 - 1.0 microgram/ml
Average price range of the test is between Rs.500 to Rs.620 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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What is Methamphetamine Test?
Preparation for Methamphetamine Test
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Procedure for Methamphetamine Test
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Normal values for Methamphetamine Test
Price for Methamphetamine Test
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Kidney stones, also called renal calculi, are solid concretions (crystal aggregations) of dissolved minerals in urine; calculi typically form inside the kidneys or bladder. The terms nephrolithiasis and urolithiasis refer to the presence of calculi in the kidneys and urinary tract, respectively. Renal stone or calculus or lithiasis is one of the most common diseases of the urinary tract. It occurs more frequently in men than in women and in whites than in blacks. It is rare in children. It shows a familial predisposition. Urinary calculus is a stone-like body composed of urinary salts bound together by a colloid matrix of organic materials. It consists of a nucleus around which concentric layers of urinary salts are deposited. Renal calculi can vary in size from as small as grains of sand to as large as a golf ball. Most calculi originate within the kidney and proceed distally, creating various degrees of urinary obstruction as they become lodged in narrow areas, including the ureteropelvic junction, pelvic brim, and ureterovesical junction. Location and quality of pain are related to position of the stone within the urinary tract. Severity of pain is related to the degree of obstruction, presence of ureteral spasm, and presence of any associated infection. In allopathy, there is no known treatment for kidney stones or renal calculi except surgery. On the one hand, getting a surgery involves a lot of emotional and physical suffering. At the same time, it is costly also and sets you back quite a bit. The other disadvantage is that while the stones are removed using the surgical option, there is no way one can be sure that the stones will not form again. In the homeopathic system of medicine, one can easily remove the kidney stones naturally with simple homeopathic medicines. The advantage of homeopathy is that you can avoid surgery and it also cures the tendency of the body to form stones. This means that the chances of the stones being formed again are next to nil. Homeopathy offers the best alternative non-surgical treatment for kidney stones. You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance and permanent cure without any side effects

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Pain killers and Heart Attack Risks!

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Pain killers and Heart Attack Risks!


  •  Doctors have found the use of pain relievers to treat respiratory infections like cold flu may increase the risk of heart attack.
  • For the study, researchers analyzed insurance claims from taiwan's national health insurance program from 2005 to 2011 with data from roughly 10, 000 patients who were hospitalized for a heart attack.
  • The purpose of the study was to assess whether cardiac risk factors from an acute respiratory infection and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, pain relievers combine to further increase the risk of heart attack.
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Treatment Of A Person Not A Disease!

Homeopathy Doctor, Rudrapur
Treatment Of A Person Not A Disease!

Today the cause of diseases are only mental fear that causes anxiety and than anguish that disturbs the mental calmness that is enough to creat a disease on physical system. Homeopathy can cure this process.

So we think about the person as a whole not a disease in a part.

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Pain - Homeopathic Treatment for It!

Homeopathy Doctor, Chennai
Pain - Homeopathic Treatment for It!

Pain is a feeling of distress that is caused by intense damaging stimuli. It is one of the most common reasons that compels the patient to consult a physician and take painkillers. In the long run, painkillers have adverse effects on our body. While most of the times, the cause of the pain is diagnosed, there are cases in which the cause remains undiagnosed. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on symptoms and has no side effects and thus, it is most effective in the treatment of both muscle and joint pains.

Here we give you a list of common homeopathic pain medications that are prescribed to give relief to patients and the circumstances under which they can be used.

  1. Bryonia- It is given when there is a hot swollen joint, pain from overuse of body part or injury. The slightest movement aggravates the pain and is relieved of the pressure on the affected part.
  2. Causticum - It is recommended for muscle spasm, stiff neck and pain. The character of the pain is sharp and tearing and is caused by cold dry weather. The patient is relieved by the warmth.
  3. Arnica Montana - Arnica is suggested when a patient has sore, bruised feeling all over the body. The patient is very sensitive to the pain and everything on which he rests seems very hard. Arnica is a top remedy in case of injury from falling, sprain and bruise.
  4. Rhus Toxicodendron- A first choice of remedy in case of rheumatism and back pain. The right side of the body is especially affected. The patient experiences stiffness and aching pain that aggravates during the rainy season, in the morning, on exposure to cold and also by rest. Pain is relieved by moving the affected parts and by warmth.
  5. Cuprum Metallicum- It is given in cases of muscle twitching or severe muscle spasm. The patient feels better when the painful area is massaged.
  6. Magnesia Phosphorica - This is the best medicine for all types of pain, especially when the pain is in the right side of the body. The pain is aggravated by cold and movement and is relieved by heat and rest in the general. This is suggested to relieved lower abdomen pain during menstruation.
  7. Pulsatilla- This is an excellent remedy for rheumatic pains that shifts from one joint to another. Homeopathic medicine is suggested after a thorough understanding of patient symptoms and the medication differs from patient to patient. So it is better to consult a homeopathic physician to select a suitable medicine to get relieved from pain.
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Proper Penis Care: Lubricants to Avoid!

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Sexologist, Delhi
Proper Penis Care: Lubricants to Avoid!

In the heat of the moment, a man tends to let his inhibitions vanish - and he might also let a little common sense vanish, too. That's why so many men reach for lubricants that aren't advisable to use on their delicate penis skin. Even if they know a particular lubricating agent is not a good idea, they might not really think about the consequences until after the release they wanted so badly is finally achieved. Then they often look at what they have done and wonder just how much good penis care it will take to overcome that 'oops.'

Lubricants a man should always avoid:

When a man is ready and raring to go, it might not take much to make him reach for something that is definitely inadvisable to use as a lubricant. Here are a few of the most common culprits - and yes, some of them seem quite odd!

1. Shampoo or conditioner. Rare is the man who hasn't reached for one of these so-called lubricants when feeling frisky in the shower. The good news is that most formulations are moisturizing, so a guy has little to worry about - right? Wrong. Shampoo and conditioners can dry out the skin very quickly, leaving a man feeling quite irritated by the time he hops out of the shower.

2. Soap. Just as with shampoo or conditioner, soap has drying qualities. Even that ultra-moisture bar can leave skin feeling rough and dry when the shower is over. Besides that, a little lather doesn't go a long way - instead, it must be replenished often, which can easily ruin the mood.

3. Sunscreen. Some sunscreens are creamy, much like lotion - so why not? If it's the only thing handy, that is. But remember that sunscreens contain quite a few chemicals, the better to prevent those harmful rays from causing damage to the skin. Those chemicals were never meant to be used on the most sensitive areas. It's safe to say a dry, peeling penis will result.

4. Muscle ointments. If a little tingle is nice, a lot must be better, right? Many a man has told the harrowing tale of grabbing his muscle rub and using it on his penis, only to find that the burning, stinging sensation isn't nearly as delightful when it's used on the more sensitive skin. Men who try this tend to try it only once.

5. Shaving cream. Though shaving cream won't hurt the penis (as many a manscaper can attest), using it as a lubricant for some self-pleasuring action can lead to unintended consequences. In addition to the possibly dry penis issue, a man might experience irritation, pain in the urethra, and serious redness.

6. Shortening or oil. Getting frisky in the kitchen? While food play can certainly have its merits, using shortening and the like to masturbate is simply asking for a mess of trouble. It's not necessarily going to hurt the penis if it is used from time to time, but the mess it leaves behind - and how thoroughly a man must clean his penis to remove it - could easily lead to the irritation he doesn't want.

7. Some lotions. Many a man who wants to get it on solo will reach for the lotion on the bedside table. Some lotions are just fine for this purpose. Others, however, contain a plethora of ingredients a man doesn't want anywhere near his penis. Pay attention to labels and search for a lotion that has more natural ingredients if the idea is to use it as a lubricant.

A man who has gotten a little too frisky with questionable lubricants might have some damage to remedy. In that case, a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can ensure his penis stays as healthy as possible. The use of healing vitamins and nutrients in a Shea butter base can help soothe, ease and protect the penis that has met with an unfortunate lubricant situation.

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