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Doctors for Mastoidectomy in Delhi

Treat mastoid air cell infections effectively with mastoidectomy, a surgical procedure specifically designed for this condition.

536+ Best Doctors for Mastoidectomy in Delhi

9 ratings

Pristyn Care Clinic, West Delhi, Delhi

A 204, North Ex Mall, Sector 9, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085
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₹ 600 at clinic
1 Doctor

Dr Shikhar Gupta

ENT Specialist13 Years Exp.
MBBS, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology, MBBS, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology
₹ 600 at clinic
Pristyn Care Clinic, West Delhi, Delhi , Delhi
Available today: 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Dr. Vineet Gupta

ENT Specialist20 Years Exp.
MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB (ENT)
₹ 400 at clinic
Baba medical and diagnostic center , Gautam Buddha Nagar
Next Available Slot:
 09:00 AM - 09:55 AM, MON
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Dr. Vivek

ENT Specialist16 Years Exp.
₹ 600 at clinic
Pristyn Care Clinic , Delhi
Available today: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Dr. Meena Agrawal

ENT Specialist37 Years Exp.
DNB, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS
₹ 1,600 at clinic
400 online
PSRI , Sheikh Sarai , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Cold Cough, Septoplasty, Throat Ache
Next Available Slot:
 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM, MON, WED, FRI
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Dr. Anurag Tandon

ENT Specialist40 Years Exp.
MS - ENT, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS
₹ 1,200 at clinic
350 online
Max Super Speciality Hospital , Patparganj , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Throat and Voice Problems, Tonsils (Tonsillitis), Throat and Voice Problems
Available today: 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM
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Dr. Shalabh Sharma

ENT Specialist34 Years Exp.
Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), more
₹ 3,000 at clinic
2,000 online
ENT & Dental Centre , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Otitis Media, Blocked Nose
Next Available Slot:
 10:30 AM - 01:30 PM, MON, WED
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Dr. S.K. Kacker

ENT Specialist64 Years Exp.
Fellowship Of The Royal College Of Surgeons (FRCS), MS - ENT, MBBS
₹ 1,000 at clinic
500 online
Dr. S.K. Kacker's Clinic , Malviya Nagar , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Speech Audiometry, Endoscopic Micro Ear Surgery, Nasal And Sinus Allergy Care
Next Available Slot:
 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM, MON
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Dr. Rajeev Nangia

ENT Specialist38 Years Exp.
₹ 1,200 at clinic
600 online
Ratan ENT Clinic , New Delhi , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Sinusitis, Snoring, Tinnitus
Available today: 03:30 PM - 09:00 PM
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Dr. Sumit Mrig

ENT Specialist24 Years Exp.
₹ 800 at clinic
1,200 online
Sankalp ENT & Cochlear Implant Centre , Maharanipeta , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Ear Pain, Ear Wax, Throat and Voice Problems
Available today: 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM
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Dr. Rohit Rajput

ENT Specialist25 Years Exp.
₹ 700 at clinic
700 online
Dr. Rohit Rajput's ENT Clinic Janakpuri , Janakpuri , Delhi
Recently consulted for:Audiometry Test, Thyroidectomy, Thyroidectomy
Available today: 08:00 AM - 09:30 PM
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Best Doctors for Mastoidectomy in Delhi

Doctor's NameClinic FeesLybrate Ratings
Shikhar Gupta₹ 60091
Vineet Gupta₹ 50086
Vivek₹ 60090
Meena Agrawal₹ 1,60091
Anurag Tandon₹ 1,20087
Shalabh Sharma₹ 3,00089
S.K. Kacker₹ 1,00087
Rajeev Nangia₹ 1,20088
Sumit Mrig₹ 80089
Rohit Rajput₹ 70086

Doctors for Mastoidectomy in Delhi

Average Ratings

4.4/ 5

(2676 ratings and reviews)

Patient reviews for Doctors for Mastoidectomy in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of doctor is best for Mastoidectomy?

For the optimal treatment of mastoidectomy, it is recommended to consult an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist, also known as an otolaryngologist. Otolaryngologists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the ears, nose, throat, and associated structures. Their expertise and training make them the best choice for performing mastoidectomy procedures with precision and ensuring the highest quality of care.

How to find the best doctor for Mastoidectomy in Delhi?

When searching for the best doctor for mastoidectomy in Delhi, it is crucial to prioritize qualifications and experience. One reliable platform to assist in finding highly qualified surgeons or physicians is Lybrate. Through Lybrate, you can connect directly with skilled doctors who provide their services in various areas of Delhi, ensuring access to top-notch medical care for mastoidectomy treatment.

What is the main reason for Mastoidectomy?

Mastoidectomy is primarily performed to address infections or damage to the mastoid bone caused by conditions such as chronic otitis media or cholesteatoma. The main objective of mastoidectomy is to eliminate the source of infection and prevent further harm to the surrounding ear structures. In addition, mastoidectomy may be done to improve hearing, alleviate pain, and remove any tumors present in the area.

Is Mastoidectomy serious?

Mastoidectomy is indeed a significant and serious surgical procedure. It carries certain risks, including the possibility of infection, hearing impairment, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. It is crucial for patients to understand and discuss these risks with their healthcare provider to make an informed decision and ensure appropriate care throughout the mastoidectomy process.

Is Mastoidectomy painful?

During a mastoidectomy, the patient is placed under general anesthesia, ensuring they are unconscious and experience no pain during the procedure. However, after the surgery, it is common to feel some pain and discomfort in the surgical area. The surgeon will prescribe appropriate pain medications to manage this discomfort.

Is Mastoidectomy safe?

Mastoidectomy is generally considered a safe procedure when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon. However, like any surgery, there are potential risks and complications, such as facial nerve damage, bleeding, infection, and cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

Is Mastoidectomy permanent?

Indeed, a mastoidectomy is a permanent procedure. Once the mastoidectomy is performed and the infection is successfully treated, the surgical site will heal over time. Although the removed mastoid air cells will not regenerate, the procedure aims to eliminate the source of infection and prevent its recurrence, allowing the remaining mastoid bone to provide support and structure to the area.

What is the cost of Mastoidectomy in Delhi?

The cost of mastoidectomy surgery in Delhi typically ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹2,50,000. However, the exact cost may vary based on factors such as the hospital or clinic chosen, the surgeon's expertise, and the complexity of the procedure.

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