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Motherhood Hospital - Banashankari

Gynaecologist Clinic

4 30th Main Rd Banagirinagara Banashankari 3rd Stage Opp Kempegowda Institute Of Medical Science
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Women Health Issues
Women Health Issues

Menstruation is a healthy experience of a woman’s life, and it must come habitually every 28 days, for a period of 3-4 days without coagulating, and the blood loss should correspond to about a quarter of a cup. For a woman, menstrual cycle is a virtuous indicator of her overall wellbeing. Some women get irregular periods that appear at longer intervals, an unpredictable discrepancy in the duration of the cycle and the normal twenty-eight day cycle is missing.

Benefits Of Vaginal Steam In PCOS & Other Health Issues
Benefits Of Vaginal Steam In PCOS & Other Health Issues


I am Dr. Megha Tuli, Gynaecologist, Women's Specialist & Pristyn Care Clinic, Gurgaon. Today I will talk about the benefits of vaginal steam. How to improve fertility, PCOS and your general gynaec health by vaginal steaming. I actually have found myself recommending this procedure a lot these days. In fact, 10-15 patients I have spoken, they need vaginal steaming but they have not heard about it. So, this is why I have decided to let's make a video so all of you can get some information about it.

So, let's start with the steaming of the vaginal steaming. So, the best way to explain is how we are already using this technique for other problems. The first is cold and flu. We all at some point of time must have sat over hot tub of water with towels all over our head and inhaling the steam.

So, what does this do? It basically just break the mucus and helps in the clearing up of sinuses. Another great example is spas and facial. When we go for it, they either use the steam or they put a hot damp towel on the face. So, what does this do? That basically, opens up the pore and giving your skin a deep cleanse. Then sonas, who doesn't like sonas. It gives the whole body steam where they give the complete detox and helps in removing all kinds of toxins and unnecessary stuff which the body doesn't need more. So, similarly, vaginal steaming works. It helps in removing the built-up mucus, blood from the uterine system by increasing circulation and unclogging the system.

So, coming to the very basic question which I am sure all of you must be thinking now. Is it uterus suppose to do self-cleanse. Yes, it does do it. But like all other organs of our body, it also needs support. Whereas woman has hormonal issues where the uterus is not able to do the self-cleanse that is where vaginal steaming comes into the place. So, who needs vaginal steaming? Any woman who has PCOS, hormonal imbalance, periods issues, brown or black discharge before and after periods, painful periods, vaginal dryness, recurrent infections, fibroids, and just now had a delivery. So, it deals with a wide range of gynaec problems. And it is a very simple solution for it. It is a new procedure and it is not new in general. Women in India and Nepal have been using this technique for many years.

So, how does steaming actually works? PCOS is actually a great example of it. PCOS is characterized by lengthy cycles and high testosterone levels. A cyst is actually secondary findings. You can have it even without PCOS. Vaginal steaming does not help in curing the root cause but it helps the uterus. Vaginal steaming helps in reducing the load of the PCOS on your reproductive system. So, if you are a woman who has periods every 15 days or 50 days or more, in fact, I have a couple who gets periods twice in a year.

So, what happens in those 6 months. The uterus does not stop making its uterine lining, it is just that it keeps getting collected. So, that needs to be shed. So, vaginal steaming makes sure that whatever actually is intended to come out, it will come out. Nothing will be left behind. Moreover, it will also stimulate the periods. So, vaginal steaming makes sure that uterine lining is fresh in every cycle and every month. Ideally, the body should be doing this every single month. But it comes in a very serious mode when one is trying to conceive. If you are trying to get pregnant and trying not to take hormonal pills for your treatment.

Now, who all can take it? Is there any person and a time when one should not go for this? So, there is a certain time when one should not go for this. When you have done IUI, it is not a very great idea to go for vaginal steaming. It is best to avoid vaginal steaming after ovulation if you are trying to conceive.

Avoid steaming when you are in your periods. If you see that you are in the middle of the infection, do not go for vaginal steaming. Is it a safe practice? Yes, it is. How long and how often one should do it? It totally depends. We should do this 4-6 times in a month for 15-20 minutes In a nutshell, steaming is a great practice for any woman out there.

So, you should not wait, you should go and take the procedure. You will have fantastic gynaec health. So, guys now I will end this video by saying it is a great and safe practice for you to do this. So, please go to your gynaecologist, ask her about this and get this done.

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Doctor in Motherhood Hospital - Banashankari

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Doctor in Motherhood Hospital - Banashankari


Dr. Megha Tuli

Gynaecologist14 Years Exp.
MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS, Masters in Aesthetic Gynaecology
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