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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

World Asthma Day - Spreading Awareness Is Important!

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Dr. Eswara Prasad ChelluriPulmonologist • 44 Years Exp.M.D - Respiratory Medicine, DTCD, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
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Most people know all about Asthma, how dangerous it is, and most importantly, with the rising levels of pollution and irritants how people are getting affected by it all over the world. Just like famous events, incidents and festivals have their special date in the calendar, May 1 apart from being the International Labour Day, holds another significant stance worldwide. As it is celebrated as the World Asthma Day. This day marks the initiation of the Asthma awareness campaign worldwide.

About Asthma Problem

Asthma is a long-term respiratory condition, in which the airways of the human system may unexpectedly and suddenly narrow, often in response to an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress. Common symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing.

Why is Asthma Day important?

World Asthma Day is celebrated every year on the first Tuesday of May. This year it falls on 1st May. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about Asthma and how people all over the world can spread it amongst their families. Therefore to commemorate the event and educate the students in school and parents at home, World Asthma day was commenced. The aim of this campaign is to make people understand the types of Asthma that can affect them and immediate safety tips so as to ensure that the severity of the disease can be curtailed. 

Things to keep in mind about Asthma

All over the world, there are several people who do not opt for Asthma treatment and that proves to be a fatal mistake later on in life. Chronic Asthma disease can be easily prevented by a simple treatment in the initial stages. People who suffer from Asthma often face chronic attacks if they forget to carry their inhaler and different kinds of allergies are also very fatal for asthma people.

What Causes Asthma Problem

  1. Pollens
  2. Dust 
  3. Gastroesophageal Reflux
  4. Pet Dander
  5. Certain foods 
  6. Exposure to chemicals 
  7. Excessive physical activity 
  8. Stress 
  9. 39-50% Of Sinusitis patients have Asthma also 
  10. Extremely cold conditions

Signs & Symptoms of Asthma 

  1. Persistent coughing
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Wheezing 
  4. Tightness in chest

Diagnosis and severity are established by a simple air blowing test known as Spirometry.

  • Chest X-ray and Sinus X-ray Help 
  • Serum IgE a blood test tells about type and severity

Severe cases may require a special blood test known as Arterial Blood Gases to look at blood oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The sheet anchor of therapy is the inhaled medication to dilate the airway and to reduce inflammation. The dose being in the microgram dose is harmless and delivered to the site of the problem.  New drugs known as Omalizumab and Benralizumab are approved for specific nonresponding patients with severe asthma.

Prevent Asthma from being harmful

Asthma is a chronic disease that can stay for the rest of someone's life. So on this World Asthma Day make sure that you know how it can be treated and prevent the disease from harming someone you love. Here are some treatment tips.

  1. First, get to know more about asthma and become a partner with the doctor to carry out treatment for a long time period.
  2. Be aware of the allergens that may trigger asthma and prevent them from coming in contact with the person.
  3. Make sure to keep the doctor updated regarding the status of a patient's condition and for any sign of potential risk.
  4. If a loved one is suffering then ensure that they lead their life as per the guidelines shared by the doctor, in order to prevent any risky situation. 

So here are the important things that you should be knowing about asthma. And, in case you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, one should immediately contact their doctor. On this World Asthma Day be aware of the disease and keep the people safe who are suffering from it. Stay Healthy! In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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