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Allergen, Individual-Animal Pigeon feathers Test

Allergen, Individual-Animal Pigeon feathers Test

Pigeon Feathers produce keratin particles in the blood. These particles act as irritants and cause various allergies. Inhaling pigeon faeces and feather dust leads to many problems such as sneezing, coughing, nasal irritation, and more. It can also result in more serious consequences such as allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever. The Individual Animal Pigeon Feathers test is performed to detect these allergens in the individual’s blood. It examines the presence of allergic IgE, which is capable of producing damage to the body. It is recommended when you face symptoms like dizziness, excessive coughing, dark circles under eyes, etc.

You are not required to take any special preparatory steps for the test. Since it is a blood test, you should wear comfortable clothing. You will also need to gather all your medical reports for presenting the complete medical history to your doctor.

The test is used for a number of purposes. Primarily, it identifies the IgE allergens in your blood and gives a complete composition of these. The doctor can advise you to take necessary steps of prevention or cure according to the test results. It gives some other important findings such as: Risk of allergic conjunctivitis, asthma, and allergic rhinitis, all of which are major long-term diseases. Prospect of lung inflammation and ornithosis i.e. microbial infections Lung hypersensitivity such as Pigeon Breeder’s Disease Ways to avoid Pigeon Feathers Allergy with OTC medicines such as corticosteroids

The process for this test is multi-step. The doctor first verifies your medical history to make proper evaluations about allergies. A skin allergy test like the radioallergosorbent test or RAST is conducted to detect the allergens. It is a blood test which finds the presence of IgE. It is conducted as a routine blood test. The doctor will clean up a skin area, insert a needle to draw out the blood sample, and bandage the area.

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Allergyl Pigeon feathers
All age groups
Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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