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Mold Fungus Test

Mold Fungus Test

The microbes that exist in nature are known as Fungi. The branching fungi with filaments are known as Moulds. The test helps in detecting infections caused by the Mould-Fungus, which can sometimes prove to be deadly. The fungal test helps to guide treatment in the case when the infections are caused by the fungus mould. The infections could be superficial or systemic infections. Superficial infections are common and have minor issues such as itchy and red skin infections, vaginal discharge and itching. Systemic infections are deep and can be severe. These can affect any organ of the body.

You do not need to prepare specifically for the test. You only have to make sure that you have gathered all the information from your doctor and are well aware of the process and the medications. Apart from this, your doctor would also like to know the medicines or supplements you take as certain medications can affect the test. Depending on your conditions, your doctor would advise the best course of action for you.

The test results are usually available in a few days’ time. If the test results are negative, it generally means that there is no infection caused by mould-fungus and the symptoms experienced have other cause/s. If you have undergone therapy for mould-fungus infection and have taken the test afterwards with a negative result, it means that the therapy was successful and you are no longer suffering from the infection. If the test results are positive, it means that fungal infection is present. Depending on your situation, your doctor will advise the best course of action for you.

For the test, the sample is collected by your doctor for analysis. The sample collected differs according to the type of infection. For superficial infections, the scraping of skin, clipped nail or hair, urine sample or vaginal secretion may be enough for analysis. However, for systemic infections, the sample may include anything from a blood sample taken from the vein, sample of urine, a collection of tissue through biopsy, etc, may be required by the doctor to evaluate the situation.

Hair, skin, or nail specimen
1 swap
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Mold Fungus
All age groups
Rs 350- Rs 1000

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