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What You Need to Know about this RING-SHAPED Rash on Your FACE!

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What You Need to Know about this RING-SHAPED Rash on Your FACE!

What you need to know about the ring-shaped rash called lupus

Lupus is an inflammatory disease that is chronic in nature. It occurs when your tissues and organs are attacked by your body's own immunity system. The inflammation that this disease causes can affect the other parts of your body as well, like the joints, kidneys, skin, brain etc. It is often difficult to diagnose because it lacks distinct symptoms. However, one of the most identifiable symptoms of lupus is a ring-shaped rash on the face.

Lupus can be caused by a number of factors like:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Susceptibility towards infections
  • Certain anti-seizure, blood pressure and antibiotic medicines


The symptoms are neither distinct nor regular. However, some common symptoms could be-

What else can lupus lead to?

Several complications may arise if lupus is left untreated. Some of them are-

  • Kidney damage and failure
  • Hallucination, seizures, strokes and several other problems associated with the brain and the central nervous system
  • Anemia, blood clotting, vasculitis etc.
  • Increased susceptibility to pneumonia
  • Increased risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases


Lupus is a significantly dangerous disease and medical help should be immediately sought if you think that you have symptoms associated with it. Treatment depends on the signs and symptoms of individual patients.

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