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Want to Gain Weight - Foods You Can Include in Your Diet

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Dr.Vandana Verma(pt) 89% (110ratings)
Bachelors Of Physiotherapy, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon  •  11years experience
Want to Gain Weight - Foods You Can Include in Your Diet

Sometimes, gaining weight can be very tricky. Many people might want to gain weight due to a variety of reasons; the more common of them being health issues, to increase energy by gaining healthy weight and also to look good.

Gaining weight gradually also helps to ward off certain medical complications, such as osteoporosis which is a condition characterized by brittle and weak bones. It is not advisable to diet gain weight by eating junk and unhealthy food; intake of too much fat is also very harmful to the body. It is better to gradually increase the intake of food.

Healthy foods to eat for gaining weight:

  1. Nuts: These are very high in protein and fiber and contain 150-200 calories per ounce. Seeds of pumpkin and sunflower are also packed with calories, which help you put a few kilos.

  2. Peanut butter: 100 grams of this delicacy contain about 550 calories; you can also consume almonds or almond supplements to gain weight in a healthy way.

  3. Dried fruits: Raisins, figs, dates, and prunes are very healthy because they provide a steady supply of energy throughout the day. A handful (50 grams) of these dried fruits contains about 150 calories.

  4. Starchy vegetables: Vegetables such as corn, peas, potato, and artichokes have healthy calories, which help you to gain weight safely. 100 grams of these vegetables on a daily basis also help to enhance your metabolic rate thus, increasing your energy reserve.

  5. Healthy fats and oil: 100 grams of mashed potatoes have about 90 calories whereas, the same portion of oatmeal has about 70 calories. Smoothies can also serve as the perfect food for healthy weight gain, owing to their measured calories (about 42 calories per 100 grams); and also considering the fact that they are a treat to your taste buds. A tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories. It is advisable to consume food cooked in olive oil to gain weight faster.

  6. Wheat germ and flax meal: Apart from the healthy calories they pack, wheat germ and flax seeds are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep a number of cardiovascular diseases at bay.

  7. Beverages: Drink a milkshake made of vanilla yogurt and whole milk. You can also add nuts, olive oil, and avocados to your smoothie to add a few more calories. A high-calorie diet containing protein powder, banana, and yogurt can also help you gain weight without putting on unhealthy fats or calories. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dietitian-nutritionist and ask a free question.

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