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Want Sparkling White Healthy Teeth - 5 Ways You Can Get them

Dr. T. Chandan 89% (40 ratings)
Dentist, Delhi  •  23 years experience
Want Sparkling White Healthy Teeth - 5 Ways You Can Get them

If you thought dental health could take a backseat amidst other demanding health problems, you surely haven’t experienced the unbearable pain of tooth cavities. Problems pertaining to your teeth could be many. From open nerve endings to weak and brittle teeth, anything could plague you. To take proper care of your teeth, you should visit your dentist frequently.

A few basic ways to maintain healthy teeth

  1. Pay heed to the kind of toothbrush you use: The kind of toothbrush you use plays a key role in discerning the health of your teeth. Many tend to use toothbrushes with hard bristles for brushing; this causes the enamel of your teeth to wear away. As a result, the dentine shows and a person reveals yellowish teeth every time he or she smiles. To soften the bristles of your toothbrush, you could wash it in lukewarm water prior to brushing.
  2. Certain food items should be strictly avoided: Junk food or packaged food is not just harmful for your overall health, but also for your teeth. Any food rich in starches or sugars can have acidic effects on your teeth enamel. Acids can corrode the enamel of your teeth. Hence, one should remember to consume food items that contain little amounts of sugar and starch. The reason why everybody around prohibited you from having too many chocolates as a child can be realized in the aforementioned point.
  3. Brushing and flossing routine: It is absolutely essential to brush your teeth twice daily. Flossing is what makes brushing effective. Many people are not aware of the right way to floss. Flossing should be done in a way so as to get rid of plaque that tends to settle down in between your teeth or right underneath your gums. The floss should be curved in the shape of a C for proper cleaning. Deposition of food particles when left to rot inside your mouth can cause graver problems other than bad breath.
  4. Give up your addiction: Smoking can kill the well-being of your teeth. It reduces the amount of blood circulated into a person’s mouth thus, making him or her more prone to the risk of oral cancers. Your chances of contracting periodontal diseases also increase when you smoke. So, healthy teeth and smoking can never go hand in hand.
  5. Never eat too many snacks: Eating in between meals or binge eating generally causes a lot of harm to your dental health. The more number of snacks a person intakes, the more is the concentration of sugar on his or her teeth. Care should be taken to eat four complete meals a day and less of snacks which are rich in sugar or carbohydrates. If you wish to discuss about any specific dental problem, you can consult a specilized dentist and ask a free question.
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