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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Ulcerative Colitis - Does Homeopathic Treatments Work?

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Dr. Subhash PonkiyaHomeopathy Doctor • 15 Years Exp.BHMS
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Ulcerative colitis is a disorder that causes inflammations and ulcers inside your colon, affecting the entire digestive system. The disease grows over time and symptoms start to worsen over a prolonged period, rather than the problem showing up suddenly. Severe cases of ulcerative colitis may even be fatal if treatment does not resolve some of the complications arising from the condition.

Causes of Ulcerative Colitis-
The exact cause for the inflammatory bowel disease is unknown. Improper diet and lifestyle can aggravate the symptoms, but do not cause the condition. Some possible causes for the disease include-

  1. Improper functioning of the body’s immune system causes it to recognize the colon as a foreign body.
  2. Genetic factors and hereditary may also be held accountable in some instances.

Risk factors for the condition include old age and family history of the condition.

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis-
Here are some common symptoms associated with the condition-

  1. Bloody diarrhoea
  2. Rectal pain
  3. Weight loss
  4. Pain in the abdominal region along with cramping
  5. Fever
  6. Urgency to defecate
  7. Inadequate bowel movement despite the feeling of urgency

How can you prevent ulcerative colitis?
Ulcerative colitis cannot be prevented as the exact cause for the condition is unknown. However, there are simple steps that will help manage the symptoms.

  1. Diet change- You need to stop eating certain foods, such as, dairy products, beans, broccoli, cabbage and anything spicy. Instead, fibre intake must be increased drastically.
  2. Exercise- Mild exercise or activities have a profound impact on managing the condition.
  3. Avoiding stress
  4. Drinking plenty of fluids

Role of Homeopathy in Managing Ulcerative Colitis-
Homeopathy follows a natural and holistic approach to deal with the condition. It does not merely treat the symptoms, but looks to cure the underlying cause for those symptoms. Homeopathic remedies will greatly bolster the overall condition of the body’s immune system. Furthermore, the bloody diarrhoea accompanying the disease will also stop with proper homeopathic treatment.


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