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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2024

Types Of Green Tea - You Need To Know About!

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar SinghAyurvedic Doctor • 15 Years Exp.BAMS
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Your favorite cup of tea is bound to convey a number of stories in itself. Right from its origin, until now, the tale of tea deserves to be known by all. Of the numerous kinds of tea, green tea has the most extended history and variety in flavor & fragrance.

Types Of Green Tea

There are about 20 different types of green tea and the credit goes to the environmental conditions it grows in and the mechanical processes used for drying the leaves.

Here are different types of green tea to know about so that the best can be picked for an occasion or for the willingness to experiment:

  1. Sencha

    If you're offered a cup of green tea at your regular hangout place, possibilities are you're given sencha. This popular green tea is prepared by brewing processed whole green tea leaves in hot water.

    The flavors that separate sencha from the rest are a gentle sweetness and a light astringency. Sencha is rich in vitamin C and is perfect for managing common cold in winters.

  2. Matcha

    Only the best quality leaves are used for matcha, which are dried and milled into a fine powder. Top-notch matcha is a luminous shade of green. This bright green powder when mixed with hot water provides very high amounts of natural nutrients and helps in rejuvenating healthy skin & cleaning the body.

  3. Shincha

    Shincha's key feature is its refreshing and stimulating aroma of leaves. It is less bitter & astringent and supposed to have a higher content of amino acids, which give it full-bodied flavor and sweetness.

  4. Bancha

    Bancha is less fragrant & more bitter, it is simply the right tea to drink after consuming a substantial meal. The bitterness is attributed to high levels of fluoride, making it an effective remedy to treat tooth decay and bad breath. Bancha leaves have a rough texture and include some part of the upper stem.

  5. Gyokuro

    Gyokuro is a top-grade green tea. It has a sweet, mild flavor because of high levels of amino acid. Gyokuro contains a lot of chlorophyll & caffeine. Caffeine spurs the nervous system and chlorophyll helps in tissue growth.

  6. Kukicha

    Kukicha consists of stems and stalks, the leftover from the production of other green teas. The fresh taste and mild fragrance are sure to make you feel refreshed. Kukicha is also known as twig tea and it is more of a yellow or brown in color.

  7. Tencha

    Tencha leaves carry high levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are great for increasing energy and boosting metabolism. This green tea is rich in natural caffeine helps in awakening and rejuvenating the body.

  8. Konacha

    Konacha contains the tea buds, small bits of leaves and tea dust left over from the mechanical processing of other varieties of green tea. It is reasonably priced and the health benefits are not too vast.

  9. Funmatsucha

    Funmatsucha is popular for its affordable price and bitter taste. It has probably more antioxidants than the rest green teas. Funmatsucha is great to cure headaches and common cold.

  10. Fukamushicha

    Fukamushicha leaves are withered in texture and give a dark color brew. The taste remains sweet and moderate with a rich fragrance. Fukamushicha has calming effects on the stomach and can be consumed in larger amounts.

Types of Green Tea flavors

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages and a relatively healthier option. The next time you wish to sip a cup of green tea, the last thing you need to worry about is its taste as here are different types of green tea flavors you can try apart from the conventional green tea for some brewed perfection:

  1. Moroccan Mint Green Tea

    Moroccan mint green tea is rich in refreshing flavors and aroma to brighten up your day. It has unbelievable therapeutic benefits and boosts the dropping energy levels, uplifts mood and improves digestion.

  2. Tulsi Green Tea

    Holy basil, commonly known as Tulsi when infused with your favorite green tea is a delightful blend of flavor & health. Tulsi green tea has been linked to strengthen immunity, boost stamina and cut down stress.

  3. Chamomile Green Tea

    Green tea flavored with chamomile flowers brewed in hot water is the most favorite combination amongst green tea lovers. Its soothing effect and mildly sedative properties have been known to act as a good sleep inducer.

  4. Jasmine Green Tea

    Jasmine green tea is rich in the essence of jasmine flower. It is packed with antioxidants that can effectively fight free radical activity. Research suggests that this green tea helps in curing arthritis, relieving stress & regulating blood pressure.

  5. Himalayan Green Tea

    Organic leaves picked from the foot of the great Himalayas, this green tea serves as an excellent detox and tackles fatigue. It also aids better digestion and regulates blood pressure.

  6. Honey Lemon Green Tea

    Green tea in combination with soothing honey and tangy lemon is a perfect treat for green tea lovers. This can definitely be your companion to combat several health ailments.

Knowing about all the varieties of green tea and different flavors can definitely be going to solve various doubts. There are people who not too fond of the taste of green tea and consume it simply for the sake of health benefits.

Clearly, the benefit of knowing about types of green tea is that you can effortlessly pick the best among these as per your own health and flavor preferences.


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