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Treatment with Acupuncture

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Mr. Santosh Pandey 91% (86 ratings)
Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
Acupuncturist, Mumbai  •  20 years experience
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How treatment is carried out with Acupuncture

Hi! This is Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey. I am owner and founder of Shenmen Healing Centre. This is located at Santa Cruz West in Mumbai. We are doing acupuncture here at my clinic and it’s wonderful experience to be here as an acupuncturist. We are able to help lots of cases in many type of disorders and it’s really very good experience when you can treat a patient without any medicine in all those cases where all the patients have tried so many methods of the treatment and modern and many I would say Ayurveda, allopathic along with that we can help patient without any treatment and good thing is that whatever medication we give or whatever medication they are taking along with that they can take acupuncture.

Acupuncture is recognized by WHO, and they have already given or written in how many cases we are able to help patients. so there is something like, I will share with you like any type of pain, paralysis, even dentistry and post operated case we here also, post operated cases and gases, diarrhea, lose motion, constipation, skin disorders, and stress related any disorder. In pain this is best, according to also, in my experience also, allergies and asthma, bronchitis and sleep disorders. Even in peripheral neuropathy cases, diabetic cases. My experience is also there, I have, in the supervision of medical doctors; not allowed to stop any medication but when I start the treatment of patient I go through proper medical check up with the consultation of their doctors. And, we try to check up each and every within three or four months, whatever treatment we are doing, we get them checked and then I request them to go visit their doctor for further treatment or medication.

I am very happy and very lucky to say that lots of medicines after starting the acupuncture, doctors only cut off the medications and in lots of cases we are able to stop the insulin cases. So, it is wonderful experience, very nice therapy and since it’s a very known thing that more than 95% cases are stress related problems or they call it psychosomatic disorder. So, acupuncture relaxes you so nicely that all of your problems, sometimes we don’t know we are treating for something else and you are getting result in something else. It is all because when we treat a patient we treat from the root, we try to energize the complete system of the patient. So, patient gets wonderful results in that along with worldly pain and this and that, he sometimes feels his digestive system is improved, sometimes he feels that his stress is getting better. In few cases, even insomnia, in many cases we are able to stop lots of medication of the insomnia cases and sometimes hormonal cases, sometimes depression cases, we give very good result into that.

Nowadays, it is like menopausal, lots of cases, means for girls and ladies are suffering from that menopausal problem, hot flushes and even in depression are causes of hormonal imbalances in the body and we are able to help them in all this disorders. I would say, acupuncture is something which not only going to treat your simple problems but also treating your system by working on your bodies five elements means panchtatva, so if we treat panchtatva, which is exactly like water, wood, fire, metal and earth. In all these five elements related to your body, like water is related to kidney and blood, wood is related to your liver and gall bladder, fire is related to your heart and small intestine, metal is related to your stomach and spleen same way earth is related to your lungs and large intestine. So, we are trying to balance your five elements or panchtatva of your body through one testing called acugraphy.

With, the acugraphy this is invented by US on behalf of Chinese acupuncture. So when we test your system, we try to diagnose the system through your body with the help of the machine or equipment called acugraph and after that we start treating your system. I have done at least 3000 testings till now, and I would say 2800 testing of when I do the acugraphy. I am able to diagnose almost 80-90% of the elements, so what exactly you are suffering, sometimes the root cause. I can tell you from this testing which gene of your parents or problem gene travelling into your system and according to that I can tell you what you have avoid and you have to be very careful about this careful and really people are getting better and benefitted from this therapy after testing them with the acugraph. So, acupuncture is one of the best thing because this is not new, this started more than 5000 years back invented by China. My Guru says that it is born in India and brought up in China.

I have done lots of work upon this and it is really, like people are very much aware of, lots of celebrities and people worldwide are doing acupuncture and now they are ready to expose their body to acupuncture and this is helping us because previously in India it was very difficult to claim and to be a acupuncturist but now everybody people know and they say, “ oh, you are an acupuncturist.” So, this is very good thing as it is improving acupuncture therapy in India and it is going to work like magic like I am already experiencing. Lots of patients are coming to us, lots of good results are coming nowadays.

So, if you need anything, any help from my side or me, you can contact me through

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