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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Top 10 doctors for Osteopathic Treatment in Delhi

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Dr. Manav Gupta0MBBS, MS - OrthopaedicsOrthopedic Doctor

Dr. Hemant Gaur

MPT, Mphill

11 Years Experience · ₹ 200 at clinic  · ₹300 online

He is a physiotherapist who is well-known for treating people with complicated conditions. He also works as a homecare physiotherapist. He obtained his outstanding education and clinical experience as an MPT at Manav Rachna International University and as a Mphill at OPJS University. His 2015 Young Achiever Award earned him widespread recognition. He holds a prominent position in the DCPTOT.

Dr. Gaurav Tyagi

BPT, MPT- Ortho

15 Years Experience · ₹ 500 at clinic  · ₹200 online

Dr Gaurav has earned his reputation working 15 years in the field treating various physical and traumatic injuries dealing as an orthopedist and physiotherapist at various clinical institutions. He has earned his postgraduate and undergraduate medical degrees in physiotherapy. He is quite skilled in the field of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. 

He received his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Santosh Dental College and Hospital as well as his Master of Physiotherapy degree in Orthodontics from Trident College in Meerut. 

Dr. Ruchi Varshney


21 Years Experience · ₹ 200 at clinic  · ₹400 online

She has redefined excellence by providing years of service with her remarkable work as a physiotherapist. She provides effective treatment as a neurophysiotherapist and orthopedist. She excelled academically and received her MPTh/MPT from Delhi in 2012 and her BPTh/BPT from Delhi in 2001. She has received the honor of being awarded the 'best clinician' award at the international conference in Tripura. 

Dr. A Ahmad

₹ 200 at clinic

He is a talented and dedicated clinician, treating patients as a physiotherapist. He is highly precise and knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy. Previously, he excelled in his job as a physiotherapist on call at Lecure Hospital, Ignou Road. Also, he was a physiotherapist at the Institute of Child Development in Malvyangar. He is an experienced and respected member of the Delhi Council of Physiotherapy.  

Dr. Priyanka Ray


10 Years Experience · ₹ 500 at clinic  · ₹300 online

She has changed the way of looking at physical injuries and treatment procedures  and earn her reputation as an exercise and expert physiotherapist. As an orthopedic physiotherapist and a women's health physiotherapist, she gives outstanding treatment. She is a geriatric physiotherapist as well. 

She has done her undergraduate degree in physiotherapy and also done clinical fellowship in physiotherapy from various institutions. 

Dr. Abhishek Pratap Singh


20 Years Experience · ₹ 2000 at clinic · ₹2000 online

He is among the best physiotherapists. He is widely renowned for his work in the fields of geriatric, cardiovascular, and pulmonary physiotherapy. Dr Abhishek is an expert physiotherapist dealing with traumatic physical injuries and curing Complex disorders like sciatica.

He has done both his undergraduate and postgraduate degree in the field of physiotherapy and has also completed various post graduate training programs. He also holds a MIAP as well as an MDCP. In the past, he excelled as a senior consultant at Indraprasth Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Slimming Centre. 

He is the fortunate recipient of the Significant Contribution Award by AIIMS and the Best Physiotherapist Doctor in Delhi by Merit Awards. He is recognized as a speaker in the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and the All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Dr. Gaurav Mohan


14 Years Experience · ₹ 300 at clinic  · ₹300 online

He has treated the ailments of patients while practicing as a physiotherapist. He is also well-trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is a highly knowledgeable person in the field of physiotherapy treating various physical and traumatic injuries like Spondylitis Spondylitis sciatica, gout and rheumatic arthritis. He earned both his MPTh/MPT and BPTh/BPT at Kasturba Medical College. 

His expertise has been enhanced by his involvement with a number of notable organizations. He has served as a neuro-onco physiotherapist at Medanta Medical City Hospital as well as an ortho-neuro-cardio physiotherapist at Max Hospital. The physician is known for his membership in various councils of psychotherapy and association of medical legislations.

Dr. Priyanka Tyagi


13 Years Experience · ₹ 200 at clinic  · ₹300 online

Using her expertise as a doctor, she has helped local residents with various medical issues. As a physiotherapist, she works with remarkable effectiveness. She was able to achieve academic success and obtain her BPTH/BPT from Allahabad University in 2009. The doctor is recognized as a speaker because of her membership in the Indian Association of Physiotherapists. 

Dr. Syeda Mubashira (P.T)

PG Diploma In Sports Medicine, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bang...

20 Years Experience · ₹ 650 - 750 at clinic · ₹600 online

As a physician, she has garnered both a prestigious education as well as clinical expertise. She has helped many patients as a physiotherapist. She is a renowned physiotherapist and working individual in the field of medicine. She holds a PG Diploma in Sports Medicine from Apollo Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore, and a BPTH/BPT from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore. 

In the past, she worked as a tailbone pain specialist at Tailbonepain clinic, where she demonstrated exceptional skill in her role. She has participated in several seminars and CME workshops organized by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Dr. Khyati Arora


12 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 400 at clinic  ·  ₹200 online

As a physiotherapist, she gives her patients outstanding care that consistently exceeds their expectations. She excelled in her studies and graduated with a BPTh/BPT from the Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy and Hospital in the year 2010. 

In the past, she worked as a physiotherapist at Parnami Orthopaedic Hospital, where she was quite successful in her employment. Additionally, she worked at Saroj Hospital as a physiotherapist. She is both a licenced manual therapist and a certified kinesiology taping therapist. Her credentials are really impressive.

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