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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Tips To Increase Success Of IUI And IVF!

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Dr. Sameer PahlajaniIVF Specialist • 24 Years Exp.MBBS
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Intrauterine insemination or IUI is one of the fertility treatments to facilitate fertilization in which sperm is placed artificially inside a woman’s uterus. This increases the chances of pregnancy and is generally adopted when sperm count and mobility are low. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive technology which involves retrieving a sperm sample, fertilization by extracting eggs, and manually combining them in a laboratory to form an embryo. It is then transferred to the uterus of the mother or of the gestational carrier. This method is adopted mostly for infertile women. IVF is more expensive than the IUI as it requires a lot of expert intervention.

Tips for Successful IUI-
The success rate of IUI depends on age of the couple, sperm count, and openness of fallopian tubes. However, there are a few tips that can significantly improve the chances of pregnancy from the IUI.

● Male partner should try to improve the sperm count before the IUI by abstaining from ejaculation at least four to five days prior to the procedure.
● Plan the schedule with the help of the doctor in a manner that it stresses you both the least.
● Consider hormonal support as it can come a long way in helping with the procedure.
● Eat well, have sound sleep, exercise regularly but non- strenuously, and stay active.
● If pregnancy does not occur after three IUI cycles, reassess your situation medically and start looking for issues to solve the case-specific problems. If required, alternate options of pregnancy might also be considered at this stage.

Tips for Successful IVF-
For the IVF, results and number of attempts differ from case to case. But, before the couple actually goes for an IVF, a few things should be rigorously followed to maximize the chances of getting good news.

● Research thoroughly about the entire process, the procedure involved, the reputation of the IVF center you are planning to get the procedure done from, national or local certification of such centers if they exist, pre and post-procedural facilities and amenities, success rate, and side effects. Make sure that both the partners are fully aware of all these facts and both are mutually consenting to go ahead with the procedure.
● Now that you have made the choice of the IVF center and the expert doctor, which is the most important decision, just stick to the instructions and schedule provided by the professional.
● Do not delay the IVF if it is the only method that is workable in a specific scenario. Delaying is not a good idea as it makes it difficult for older women to conceive, especially if they are inching towards menopause.
● A full semen analysis might help the doctor in making important decisions.
● Follow the dates as recommended by the doctor. Make sure that you honor all appointments.
● Relax and be patient as this entire process might be physical, mentally, and emotionally exhaustive for both the partners. But remember that perseverance is the key.
● Seek emotional support from family and friends. Talk to other couples who have already gone through the IVF. Learn from their experiences too.
● Talk openly to the doctor and the counselor and make sure that you are well- educated on the subject. If you have any doubt, make sure to clarify it.
● Eat healthy, have proper sleep, exercise regularly, stay active, and take prescribed medications on time. Do not self- medicate, especially during this crucial time.
● Do not ignore if something inside does not feel right. Seek medical help. Nothing can guarantee a healthy pregnancy. But, following the instructions closely and recommendations religiously improves the chances of a good experience. Once the decision is made and the deed is done, just wait patiently for the good news and take good care of health in the meantime.

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