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Anti Mullerian Hormone Test

Anti Mullerian Hormone Test

also known as: AMH, MIS, MIF, Antimullerian Hormone, Mullerian Inhibitory Substance, Mullerian Inhibitory Factor

The supply of eggs in a woman is limited and goes on decreasing with growing age. The Anti Mullerian Hormone is a hormone secreted to develop the eggs. It is an indicator of a woman’s egg count. The Anti Mullerian Hormone test is conducted in order to examine the ovarian reserve. It is helpful in diagnosing the problem of early menopause or a reduced egg count. The test does not provide any information for delayed menstrual cycles. It only studies a woman’s current and future fertility prospects. It is conducted as a regular blood test.

You need to take a few preparatory steps before appearing for the test: Avoid using birth control pills for up to 3 months before the test. Consult the doctor about the use of any other fertility drugs that you take. It is performed as a routine blood test and you need to wear suitable clothing for the same.

This test is used to detect the number of eggs in a woman’s ovarian reserve. It analyses the low count of eggs and helps the doctor in giving necessary suggestions. It examines the following:
The probability of early or late menopause
The risk of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
The risk of ovarian cancer
The prospect of infertility
The right time to conceive
The assessment of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle
The need for egg preservation
The AMH test is very useful in highlighting all the underlying problems concerning a woman’s fertility.

The process for this test is similar to a blood test. Blood is drawn out from your hand after it is cleaned from an alcohol pad. The needle is inserted into the vein and collects the blood sample in a tube. The skin area is then cleaned and blocked. This sample is sent to the laboratory for evaluating the results.

red top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Anti Mullerian Hormone
All age groups
Rs 900- Rs 2000

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