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Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy

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Hello friends,

Welcome back joining me on Lybrate once again, and today I am going to discuss about a very important topic for which I have received so many queries that I decided I am going to make a video on this topic and this very important and significant that is afflicting a lot of people in our society is thyroid and pregnancy. Well lot of women, who are suffering from thyroid in any form with a hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and lot of these women are in the child bearing age so it is not surprising that these women they develop conception during the time that they have got hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism or for matter of fact they are discovered to be a patient of hypo or hyperthyroidism during the time that they can ecologist for the first time asks them to get thyroids checked well thyroid is a very important endocrine organ in our body which regulates a lot of functions of our body and at the same point of time the thyroid harmones are very important harmones for the development of child and the most importan phase of that period for that development is the first trimester of pregnancy which is the first 12 weeks that the women are pregnant because this is the period of time of the first trimester when the maximum organ formation develops. In fact the entire organ development of the child, it develops in the first trimester of pregnancy and it is only natural that we have to understand that if the thyroid is not controlled during that period then the child might have left many congenital malformations may be having a lot of mental disturbances when the child is born. So it is very important for you to understand that if you want your child to be healthy mentally as well as physically you have to keep the thyroid under control.

I also would like to mention a very important fact that the levels at which the TSH is monitored during the pregnancy are different from the levels during which it is monitored the non-pregnancy state, in fact, a very strict control of thyroid is necessary during the time of pregnancy and if that is not maintained then not only congenital malformation but there could be also imminent fetal loss which can happen at any of the trimesters of pregnancy. In fact, conception it self-becomes a problem when the thyroid is not under control. And today we are into an era that a lot of females they are developing this problem, are facing this problem that they are not able to conceive in time and are very disturbed and agitated and their families are really frustrated because they are not able to conceive. Well that matter of fact, you need to check your thyroid and keep it under control. French thyroid can be controlled only by one pill in a day and needs to be monitored only. Initially on 21 day basis so at every three weeks you need to get you thyroids levels checked and if they are not under control there has to be a fluctuation of the thyroid hormones in the body and that is why we have to upgrade you medicine or downgrade the dose of your medicine and that the only things we doctors do to keep your thyroids under control. Because essentially what we are doing with your thyroid is that we are providing supplementation of the deficient hormones in the body or we are making the thyroid get itself under by giving it a pill by which it doesn’t hyperfunction in cases of hyperthyroidism so only by one medicine by a day therapy you can do wonders with your body and you can save the life of your unborn child and give them a healthy and very nice physical fitness when they are born. So please keep your thyroids under control. And remember that thyroid is not a frivolous thing especially during the time of pregnancy. I hope this video enlightens you and you can get back to me on Lybrate through a very important channel of online consults which has been offered by Lybrate. You don’t have to be physically present with me and you can take my advise simply logging into Lybrate and finding out the name of Dr Hanish Gupta

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