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Symptoms and Treatments Of Gallbladder Stones

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Here are some treatments and symptoms of gall bladder stones

Symptoms and Treatments of Gallbladder Stones
Dear friends. I’m Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta. I’m a Consultant Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
I have my own clinic with the name New life clinic at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.
Today, friends, I’ll be talking about gall bladder stone which is a very common problem in North India.
The gall bladder is basically a pear shaped organ which is attached to the liver and the bile which is formed in the liver gets stored in the gall bladder which is later goes in to the intestine, and get mixed with the food to cause digestion of the food.
Whenever the component of the bile like cholesterol or bile pigment increases there is formation of gall bladder stones.
The symptoms of gall bladder stones are basically distension of abdomen after having heavy meals or discomfort or sometimes patient can have pain in the right side of the upper abdomen or which can radiate to the back and shoulder.
Sometimes, these gall bladder stones can be silent stones, and they lie in the gall bladder without causing any symptoms but if these stones are in patients having diabetes or if these stones are very large more than 2 cm in size then, the treatment is required.
The diagnosis of gall bladder stone is very simple. By a simple ultrasound abdomen, one can be easily diagnosed whether the patient is having a gall bladder stone or not and it is almost a confirmatory diagnosis. One does not need a very special investigation or test to get diagnosed these gall bladder stones.
The treatment for gall bladder stones is basically a surgery.
There’s nothing like, you can’t do anything to prevent gall bladder stones to form but yes, if you eat less oily or less fatty meals, the symptoms get relieved to some extent.

As I told you that the treatment is surgery. Nowadays, there is no big cut in the tummy to take out the gall bladder but what we do nowadays is a laparoscopic surgery.
In laparoscopic surgery, we make three or four pencil size holes in the abdomen and through these holes we operate. Through one hole, we put a cylinder like camera inside and by two or three ports, we put our instruments inside and get these gall bladder removed from the abdomen through a 10 mm port.
Nowadays, this type of surgery is basically a day care surgery and one can come to the hospital and get operated and can be discharged on the very same day if it’s an uncomplicated gall bladder.
Gall bladder can cause complications also other than these symptoms and if the stone gets slipped down and gets inducted in a common bile duct which is a channel which joins the gall bladder to the intestine and if the stone gets inducted in common bile duct, then, one has to take out that stone endoscopically through ERCP and then after that one has to go for gall bladder stone removal.
So, it is like a two stage procedure. So, one should not wait to get all these complications to occur because , if the stone gets inducted in the CVD then, the chances of jaundice, chances of acute pancreatitis can occur which can be dreaded complication .
So, friends I have told you about the gall bladder stones and if you have such problems, if you have gall bladder stones even though it is asymptotic or you have symptoms you should go to a surgeon or a physician who can guide you.

You can tell you what need to be done or if you want to meet me you can come to me at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital or at my clinic which is in Indirapuram with the name New life clinic or you can talk to me through Lybrate, you can chat with me, you can text me at the and I will be available 24 hours to you.
Thank you friends! Thank you!

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