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Spondylitis - How Homeopathy Plays An Important Role In Treating It?

Dr. Subhash Chander Gadde 86% (280 ratings)
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Spondylitis - How Homeopathy Plays An Important Role In Treating It?

Spondylitis is a condition that is getting common nowadays mainly due to lifestyle changes. What used to be a disease that affected people in the age group of sixty has started affecting the younger generation too. They can be treated at best using conventional methods and painkillers, but they do not offer a long-term solution. This is where homeopathy comes in and gives an everlasting support not only in its treatment but also in its eradication. Let us take a look, in depth, about spondylitis and how homeopathy helps in treating it. 

Causes of spondylitis and how homeopathy can help 
Spondylitis is a kind of degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between spinal vertebrae and / or neural foraminae. If the affection is limited to neck area, the clinical condition is known as Cervical Spondylitis and it is known as lumbar spondylosis if limited to the back between chest and pelvis. In severe cases, there can be pressure effect on the nerves with subsequent sensory and/or motor disturbances like pain, paraesthesia, numbness, weakness or paralysis of the affected limbs.

The deterioration occurs due to the simple reason of wear and tear in those who are disposed to such problems. In some rare cases certain diseases are also known to result in such condition, but they are very few and not common. Nowadays, lifestyle changes and prolonged usage of computers are affecting the younger generation to such an extent that they are starting to get the symptoms at an early age. 

We often twist and turn our necks in odd manners thus aggravating the condition. What is usually felt as a minor pain soon enlarges to a severe chronic condition called cervical spondylosis. The main symptoms include stiffness in the muscles of the neck and shoulder region. Pain is felt in the neck, and this pain usually extends itself to the back of the head. In most cases, the pain travels to the shoulders and arms and even affects the fingers. Dizziness would often be felt, and a person would sometimes be unable to recollect his surroundings. It can be diagnosed by an X-RAY or an MRI in certain cases. Most of the conventional methods use painkillers in the treatment. 

The results are often miniscule as the pain gets relieved only for a temporary period and usually comes back once the effect of the drug is gone. There is no permanent solution when the conventional methods are used, and in many cases, surgery is advised as a last resort. This is where homeopathy comes in. Homeopathy not only provides relief but identifies the root cause and aims at its elimination. The result is that the pain is completely eradicated and there are very minimal chances of the condition recurring. 

Homeopathy also works on the principle of understanding the patient first. The homeopathic physician gets to know the patient first - his lifestyle, his work, his family background, etc. and only then focuses on the actual treatment. This is done to ensure that each and every treatment plan should be individualised and specific to the patient. 

Value of homeopathic treatment 
The biggest advantage of using homeopathy is that it is completely safe and there are no side effects. They work in harmony with our life energy in the direction of cure, and the consequent positive changes are usually for life. Spondylitis can be completely cured with homeopathy.

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