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Sinusitis And Siddha Therapy - Know How Can It Help!

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Sinusitis And Siddha Therapy - Know How Can It Help!

Sinusitis refers to a condition where the paranasal sinuses become inflamed. These are the cavities producing mucus, necessary for your air cavity to work effectively. Sinusitis can be chronic or acute. Bacteria, fungi, allergies, viruses, or an autoimmune reaction commonly causes the condition. Sometimes, deviated septum, regular smoking, inhalation of air pollutants, growth of nasal polyps, etc. are also responsible for causing sinusitis. When the healthy sinus tissues become blocked or filled with fluid, germs thrive and this, in turn, leads to infection and nasal congestion.

Symptoms Indicating Sinusitis - 

The commonly observed symptoms may include the following –

  • Intense headache
  • A runny/stuffy nose
  • Sinus pressure at the back of your eyes and cheeks
  • Reduced sensation of smell
  • Foul breath
  • Toothache
  • Discharge of green or yellow mucus, cough
  • Fever
  • Fatigue

Symptoms that last longer than 12 weeks could be an indication of chronic sinusitis.

Siddha Therapy for Sinusitis -

Dealing with persistent nasal congestion and infection may not be easy. Chronic sinusitis requires immediate attention. Siddha therapy is a unique, alternative treatment approach that relies mainly on natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes to cure a particular condition – it has been effective in curing sinusitis as well.
The physiological functioning of the body is mediated by three humours, namely Kabam, Pittam and Vatham. The popular belief in the Siddha system is that sinusitis occurs when two out of these three humours – Kabam and Piitam – are deranged.

The major causes mentioned in the literature of Siddha for sinusitis are -

  • Overconsumption of cold beverages
  • Exposure to cold weather
  • Inhalation of allergy-inducing gases or smoke
  • Bathing in cold water soon after being exposed to heat
  • Suppression of tears – a natural urge

The line of treatment focuses on normalizing the balance of the humour, so the disease is cured and your body rests in harmony. To achieve this goal, Siddha prescribes the following home remedies –

  • Mix a few drops of honey with extracts (juice) of tulsi and drink it every morning – this will help open your nasal passage.
  • Take some ajwain and seeds of black cumin in a cloth, and inhale its fragrance – this helps ease nasal blockage and sinusitis
  • Steam inhalation by adding tulsi leaves in a pot of boiled water is an effective method of decongesting the nasal passage and allowing easy drainage of mucus from the sinuses.
  • Bathe in medicated oils infused in lukewarm water at regular intervals.

Decongestants and antihistamines may offer partial relief from the symptoms of sinusitis. However, popping pills every now and then can adversely affect your health. Siddha therapy is a safe and effective treatment procedure. Try these remedies at home for long-lasting outcome.

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