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HRCT Scan - PNS Test

HRCT Scan - PNS Test

HRCT Scan of Paranasal Sinuses is an imaging test that uses a small amount of radiation to visualize details of your sinuses. Sinuses are paired (right and left) air-filled pockets that circumscribe the nasal structures. The function of the sinuses is include humidifying the air breathed through your nose and providing shape to your face. introduction of computed tomography (CT) and the wider use of it in the last 20 years have further contributed to the physician's ability to appreciate nuances of paranasal sinus anatomy and accurate disease correlation. It is also called as paranasal Sinus radiography.

Your doctor will suggest you for HRCT Scan if you’re experiencing symptoms of a sinus problem or sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection. Sinusitis occurs when your sinuses become inflamed, causing a build-up of pus and mucus in these cavities. The condition is usually caused by a bacterial infection that develops after a viral infection. It includes symptoms such as Stuffy Nose, pain in eyes, fatigue, cough, earache, fever, sore throat, decreased sense of smell, swelling and postnasal drainage. Sinusitis can either be acute or chronic. Acute stays for one or two weeks while chronic takes 12 weeks or longer.

A HRCT Scan involves the use of radiation to create images of your body. While it uses relatively low amounts of radiation, there is still a risk every time your body is exposed to radiation. Sinusitis can also be triggered by allergies, reduced immune function, prolonged cold or flus, infected glands in your mouth. If you are prone to Chronic sinusitis then it may be due to viral infection, asthma, recurring acute sinusitis, trauma to your face, problems with respiratory tract. This test is performed for sinus which also include blood test and nasal endoscopy. Depending on your condition test is performed.

HRCT Scan typically takes place at a hospital or medical laboratory. No preparation is required. However, you’ll need to remove any jewellery or metal objects you may be wearing before the test. A radiologist or X-ray technician will perform the sinus X-ray. Radiologist places a lead apron to help protect you from radiation. It’s important to remain as still as possible while the X-ray is being taken. It only takes a couple of seconds for the X- ray image to be completed. The radiologist may need to reposition you several times to get images of all your sinuses.

Rs 900- Rs 2000

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