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Selectivation Therapy

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Dermatologist, Delhi  •  20years experience
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Hi Everyone!

Again this is Looks Forever. And Dr. Sonia here with you. Today I am telling you about selectivation therapy. Basically, selectivation therapy is especially for your hair regrowth and skin as well. And today I am telling you all about the hair because selectivation therapy is basically used for hair regrowth and hair activation. This will help you help out with the improvement of blood circulation of hair so that you people can regrow your hair back. In selectivation therapy, what exactly we are doing. We are using 2 kind of products.

These are derma roller, PRP is also under selectivation therapy. We are using hair stamping also. Derma roller is basically used for regeneration of your hair regrowth and there is a derma roller. There are different kind of needles what we are using for different purposes. Like if you are using derma roller with minoxidil with 2% only, this will help you and benefit you a lot for your regrowth and stopping of your hair fall and if you are going for hair stamping, so hair stamping is especially for those like for females because if they are using derma roller, this will tangle their hair and it will be little inconvenient to use derma roller as well. So, we will suggest you to use hair stamping, instead of derma roller for VAT and derma pen is also there for the ladies who have their problematic situations like hair fall, cancer patients, alopecia and all.

And derma roller is basically help you out with the if you are using 2% minoxidil that is very nice. If you are not having any allergies and not having any problem, you people can go with 5% minoxidil as well. And I suggest you if you are going derma roller with minoxidil, so it is better to use derma roller and after that, you use just within 2-3 minutes minoxidil scalp pigmentation because if you are using before derma roller or as well as after derma roller than it is effective. Otherwise, simply goingg for a derma roller, it will help you but in very long extended. So if you want to grow hair faster and you want a good result within 6-8 months, you guys can use derma roller with minoxidil. We are doing treatments with minoxidil, other serums, other treatments are there with derma roller so that the medicine or whatever we are applying will penetrate properly in your scalp and give you the better growth, better density as well.

So, if you are very much interested in any kind of the treatment, any thinning problem, any hair fall or whatever, so you people can visit to Looks Forever Clinic and we are here to help you out and guaranteed results are over there. So, now we are also giving franchise. If you or anybody wants a franchise of Looks Forever, you can contact us directly by Lybrate or directly to the Looks Forever Clinic. And we are having lot of different treatments now. Advanced PRP we are having with the organic one.

Thank You!

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