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Pumpkin (Petha) - 5 Amazing Reasons To Eat It!

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Dr.Anis Akhtar 88% (981ratings)
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Sexologist, Allahabad  •  15years experience
Pumpkin (Petha) - 5 Amazing Reasons To Eat It!

Pumpkin, what comes to your mind when you hear this word? A nicely carved pumpkin to make a perfect looking jack-o’-lantern. In the USA, fall holidays or the festival of Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated with great enthusiasm with Pumpkin. They are not just good for pumpkin-carving contests, but a number of festival delicacies are prepared, such as pumpkin pies, bread and soup. 

Is it all that is there to a pumpkin? No! Pumpkin is a highly nutritious plant and can make a brilliant addition to any meal. Cooked pumpkin proves to be a rich source of potassium and beta-carotene (vitamin A). Moist and sweet like a yummy squash, they are a good way to soothe your dry Vata and Pitta dosha. It also serves as “Basti Shodan” and helps maintain bladder health. As per the science of Ayurveda, the food we eat acts as medicine for our body and certain foods are considered exceptional as they offer numerous health benefits, and one among them is Pumpkin.

Here are some of the most important benefits that pumpkins proffer when you eat them regularly.

  1. Contains copious amounts of vitamin A: Daily consumption of pumpkin can give you high doses of vitamin A, which is necessary to maintain your eye health. Also, it will help you in maintaining your skin health, bones and teeth.
  2. It has a high dose of fiber: A bowl of mashed pumpkin contains 3 grams of dietary fiber while a handful of pumpkin seeds can give you 1.3 grams of this nutrient. Therefore, pumpkin serves you the required amount of dietary fiber as per our recommended daily requirement.
  3. Pumpkin can give you a good night’s sleep: Pumpkin seeds contain Tryptophan which is an amino acid that promotes better sleep while also improving your mood.
  4. Good for your heart health: The fiber content of pumpkin also protects your heart from a wide range of coronary diseases. It is also helpful in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level owing to the presence of phytoestrogens in it.
  5. Cools the system: Pumpkin also has a cooling effect on the body system which makes it very beneficial for people who suffer from heartburn and burning sensations in the hands, feet, and stomach. It helps in cooling the digestive systems which, in turn, reduces the impact of stomach infection, acid reflux, enlargement of liver and constipation.

Pumpkin can also help in eliminating the risk of diabetes, it can even help in controlling it for patients living with diabetes. The juice of petha or pumpkin is also useful for the health in a variety of ways - it can cure bleeding from any part of the body such as gums and nose. It can also control bleeding in case of piles. Bleeding, generally occurs due to a considerable rise in the body temperature and pumpkin with its cooling properties can easily maintain the temperature of your body. So, now that you are aware of the various benefits of pumpkin, it's time you start including it in your daily meals. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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