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Psoriasis - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It?

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Psoriasis - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which affects the skin causing appearance of thick patches of scales. This is caused due to rapid buildup and accumulation of skin cells on the surface before the older cells die and fall off. The scaly patch is usually accompanied by inflammation and irritation.

Psoriasis may be of different types showing slightly different symptoms:

  1. Plaque psoriasis
  2. Pustular psoriasis
  3. Guttate psoriasis
  4. Inverse psoriasis
  5. Erythrodermic psoriasis

Symptoms of psoriasis and their extent depend on the type of psoriasis affecting the person. Some common symptoms include:

  1. Localized or widespread appearance of inflamed red skin patches
  2. Appearance of thick white or silvery patches of skin on the red patches
  3. Drying up, and cracking of skin which may cause bleeding
  4. Soreness and itching around the patches with burning sensation
  5. Thickening and pitting of nails which may separate from the nail beds
  6. Swelling and inflammation of joints
  7. Symptoms vary according to the type and extent of the condition and may appear and disappear in cycles.

Psoriasis is considered to be caused due to an autoimmune disorder. White blood cells are called to certain locations due to a mistaken identification of the body’s own cells as harmful foreign cells. This causes rapid production and buildup of skin cells in a small area which go up to the skin surface and accumulate, causing psoriatic symptoms. Further research is being undertaken to better understand this mechanism and its treatment. Genetic factors have also been implicated in a small percentage of cases.

Psoriasis is diagnosed principally by physical examination of the symptoms, followed by a biopsy and cytological test of the tissue sample collected from the affected area of the skin.

Trigger Factors:
Psoriasis symptoms can be triggered by a number of external factors. These include:

  1. Unusually high stress
  2. Heavy consumption of alcohol
  3. Small injuries like cuts and bruises, injection, sunburn, etc.
  4. A previous pathogenic infection that activates the immune system
  5. Certain medications

Psoriasis cannot be completely cured and treatment options are aimed at managing the symptoms by slowing down skin cell growth, reducing inflammation, and removing plaques formed. Treatment options include:

Topical ointments

  1. Systemic medications
  2. Phototherapy
  3. Home remedies and alternative medicine
  4. Lifestyle changes
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