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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Prostate Problems

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Dr. Abdul Munnon DurraniUrologist • 19 Years Exp.DNB - Urology/Genito - Urinary Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery

Hello Everyone! My name is Dr. Abdul Munnon Durrani. I am a urologist and kidney transplant surgeon.

Today I will talk about the prostate disease. Prostate is a gland which is found in males. As the person ages, the prostate increases inside and volume and it may cause symptoms to elderly male people. The symptoms of the prostate glands are with increased frequency, that means going to the bathroom again and again to urinate. Urgency, that means sudden compelling desire to urinate and nocturnal. That means going to the bathroom to urinate which disturbs the sleep.

The other symptoms of the prostate which one should know i.e. the patient has difficulty urinating that means he doesn't start to urinate immediately. He has to strain to urinate. Basically, the lower urinary tract symptoms which are bothersome. If someone has the symptoms, he should consult a doctor and most probably an urologist. When patient comes to us, we evaluate the patient in number of phase. There are many investigations that we do which include blood test, ultrasound abdomen to see if there is a uro-fro and a PSA. After the complete examination and investigation, we come to a conclusion that this gland is either benign or malignant.

If it is benign and causing symptoms, there are 2 pathways for the treatment. One is taking medical treatment i.e. medicines taken at bed time and which is continued for at least 3-6 months. If the patient improves with these medicines that it can continued with the medicines. The other treatment which we offer as urologist is restriction of the prostate gland by various number of ways. The operation is called transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). It can be done by using old methods like electricity for cutting or a laser. What are the benefits of a laser and TURP. The benefits are that the patient is off the drugs. There are minimum complications.

The patient stays with us for just 1 days or 2 days and he goes home with a catheter for 2-3 days which is later removed on and he urinates well. The symptoms also go away and the patient is happy. Some patients who have these bothersome symptoms can also be in danger of cancer. And we detect cancer by an examination by PSA and prostate biopsy. They should also evaluate that the gland is benign and not malignant. If malignancy is there, we evaluate completely with a MRI and the before mentioned investigation. The treatment again goes into a medical treatment or surgical treatment.

We prefer surgery for localize glands which have cancer and it includes robotic radical prostatectomy. Otherwise, if the cancer has spread outside the gland or to different parts of body than we offer bilateral orchiectomy i.e. removing the testis or chemo and radiotherapy. But a peson should be wise enough that whenever he starts with the symptoms, he should immediately consult a doctor and should not waste time in getting local treatment. To get rid of this disease, visit and consult me in New Delhi, in Fortis Hospital, Nehru Place. I would be glad to investigate, examine and to diagnose it and to give proper treatment as per latest standard.


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