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Urine Blood Test

Urine Blood Test

Urine blood test combines many tests like basic health examination, urine test, imaging, and cystoscopy. While a person has marked blood in urine, then the person would go through such steps to find the exact cause of bleeding. The blood in urine is a symptom of serious health dysfunction. The body can be affected by severe kidney damage, bladder cancer, urinary tract infection and other risky possibilities. Therefore, a complete urine check and bladder imaging are very important to determine the exact cause of blood in urine. In case bacteria has entered into the urethra and affect the urinary tract, kidney and urine surround body part, then the bleeding can happen.

Tell the doctors every detail of pre-medications, antibiotics, and other medical substances. Female has to wash the hands and breach of the urethra spot and surround three times (at least) with soap. Leave the initial stream and collect the mid part for lab sample. The washing of foreskin, glans and hands three times with soap and leave the first stream is mandatory. The lab wants the midstream to check the molecules.

There are two reasons for urine blood test. The doctor gives a prescription for finding the affection of urinary tract, kidney or liver and a normal check-up of urine is being prescribed as well.
The normal check-up requires if the person is going through;
Urinal pain
Bleeding in the urine
Pain in the abdomen and back
Frequent urination

Blood Urine test happens in the early morning. The laboratory wants the first urine sample of the victim. Therefore, collect the container, cap, and swab from the clinic. The medicated swab needs to clean the spot before taking the sample. Maintain a little distance from the body and collect midstream and then attach the cap tightly. The person would admit the sample into the lab at the first hour. Further test like imaging and cystoscopy happen in the early morning as well. The patient should clear the bladder to send the right image. Therefore, they would get the medications and diet to maintain the exact levels of consumption.

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Type Gender Age-Group Value
Urine Blood
All age groups
Rs100- Rs 400

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