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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Dermatologic Approach

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This is Dr. Sonia Tekchandani, Consulting Dermatologist, Tender Skin International Mumbai, The Wedding Clinic, Pune and Mumbai.

And today I'm going to talk to you about a very common endocrine disorder that is called as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Now this is also called as a lifestyle disorder. The common symptoms with which the client comes to us is acne on the jawline, unwanted hair on the chin and the upper lip and hair loss. Along with the above symptoms, the client will give you history of irregular menses and weight gain etc.

So the treatment of this common lifestyle disorder is basically change in the lifestyle. The main focus is on diet the main cause of this problem is a hormonal imbalance. There is an excessive androgen production that is a male hormone is produced in a female which leads to these kind of symptoms. Also the insulin levels are increased which increases the androgen production. The main focus of treatment is lifestyle modification. The first and foremost must take care of your diet.

A healthy nutritious well-balanced diet is what is required include foods like chia seeds, flax seeds, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil. Now all these are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They have to reduce the levels of androgen in your body. Second important thing is exercise. A simple exercise like walking can increase the sensitivity to insulin. Third is reduced psychological and physical stress. Fourth is you may need medications depending upon the results of your tests.

A dermatologist and a gynecologist would be able to help you with all your concerns. It's very important to treat polycystic ovarian disease because it can lead to diabetes cardiac problems, hypertension, heart attacks, strokes etc. If you have any concerns with your skin in here you can book an appointment or consult me through

Thank you and have a good day.

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