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Pilonidal Sinus - How Can Homeopathy Be Of Help?

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Pilonidal Sinus - How Can Homeopathy Be Of Help?

Pilonidal Sinus (PNS) is a tunnel or a tiny hole that occurs within the skin of the buttocks. It can fill with pus or fluid that has become infected and develop into an abscess or a cyst. It forms within the cleft region located at the topmost part of the buttocks. The Pilonidal sinus or cyst is comprised of dirt, hair and debris. When infected, it can lead to extreme pain. If the cyst happens to become infected it will start oozing blood as well as pus and will emit a foul stench.

Mostly men are affected by this condition, especially young adults who are more prone to sitting for long hours such as cab drivers.

Causes of PNS:

The exact reasons for Pilonidal Sinus are not known. However, it is believed that hormonal changes are the main trigger for this condition. Pilonidal Sinus occurs usually after puberty. Other reasons for the formation of PNS include friction from sitting or clothes and excessive hair growth that trap dirt and sweat. When there is friction, it causes the hair burrow or forms a hole under the skin of the buttocks.

Your body is incapable of recognizing the hair and therefore reacts with an immune response considering it as foreign. As a part of this response process, a cyst develops surrounding the hair follicles.

Signs of Pilonidal Sinus Infection:

The following symptoms will show up if you have Pilonidal Sinus Infection-

• Initially, a tiny depression forms on the skin resembling a dimple
• Soon, the depression becomes infected with abscess and assumes the form of a cyst
• The person suffering from this condition will soon experience pain while both standing and sitting
• The cyst will start to inflame
• The skin surrounding the cyst area will become sore and red
• Blood and pus will leak out from the abscess leading to a foul smell
• Hair will stick out from the cyst(s)
• Multiple Pilonidal Sinus or cysts may duly start to form

Homoeopathic Treatment of PNS:

Pilonidal Sinus is a painful condition that requires medical intervention. Homoeopathy treatment is a preferred approach to deal with this condition. While treating PNS with the help of homoeopathic medications, it aims to treat it by getting to the root of the problem thereby preventing chances of future recurrence. The benefits of choosing homoeopathy treatment over conventional methods are manifold.

• Homoeopathy believes in treating the individual as a whole. It believes that only a healthy constitution can cure a disorder. Therefore, before addressing the symptoms, it attempts to improve the patient’s overall health condition.

• Homoeopathy is a natural form of treatment. This branch of medicine uses natural substances and extracts from plant and animal bodies. The remedies used help soothe the pain and discomfort that comes with such an infection.

• Moreover, homoeopathy is known for never having any sort of side effects. This is a major reason why most people prefer to opt for homoeopathy treatment to allopathy.

Homoeopathy treatment is, therefore, the best option when trying to treat Pilonidal Sinus, as the medications will ensure prevention of its future recurrences.

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