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Piles & Fistula - How Kshar Sutra Therapy Can Help?

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Piles & Fistula - How Kshar Sutra Therapy Can Help?

You would be surprised to know that half the population around the globe suffers from haemorrhoids, more commonly referred to as piles. What’s worse is, most of the sufferers do not want to acknowledge that they have this problem. Either they stay fearful of the surgery or do not want to face the social embarrassment of owning up to the fact or both. But before you steer clear of treatment, know that there is a natural way of curing all the anorectal disorders like fissure, fistula, pilonidal sinus and piles. The Kshar sutra therapy is one such Ayurvedic remedy that offers a comprehensive cure for these diseases through a minimally surgical process.

Kshar Sutra therapy is a standardized, sophisticated and modified version of an ancient treatment process that was described by ancient sages such as Vagbhata and Sushruta. Depending on the extent and severity of the disease, one may have to undergo several sessions of the Kshar Sutra therapy for desired results.

How are piles treated with the Kshar Sutra therapy?
First, the patient is anaesthetized to inhibit the sensation of pain. Then, the pile mass is taken out of the anal orifice with the help of forceps. Afterwards, the doctor makes an incision at the mucocutaneous junction and then it is transfixed with the help of kshar sutra at the base of the pile. This technique helps in local gangrene of the mass tissue of the haemorrhoids, and the mass sloughs off within a week or so. The entire affected area heals typically within two weeks.

How is fistula treated with the Kshar Sutra therapy?
In the treatment, the patient is first anaesthetized with local anaesthesia. After that, a malleable probe is inserted into the external opening of the pilonidal sinus to the surface of the skin. It helps in separating the debris to avoid chances of any infection. Kshar Sutra therapy for fistula helps in destroying and removing unhealthy tissues and promotes healing of the fistula affected track through caustic action. It can cut through the affected tissues without causing any pain and discomfort and lays the track open gradually.

The primary benefit of the Kshar Sutra therapy is that the chances of recurrence of the disease after the treatment are practically nil. On the other hand, in surgical procedures such as fistulotomy, the risks of recurrence and complications are very high. In all these instances, the Kshar Sutra therapy works as an excellent alternative. But to make the treatment successful, it is essential to follow the instructions of the doctor strictly. It is critical to switch to a well-regulated diet rich in fibre, drink a lot of fluids, and refrain from straining the anal muscles at the time of defecation.

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