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Male Menopause - Facts You should Know About It

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Sexologist, Aligarh  •  32years experience
Male Menopause - Facts You should Know About It

Although it is still a matter of debate within medical circles, recorded instances of symptoms in middle aged men that resemble the symptoms of female menopause are not at all unnatural and not uncommon either. Commonly referred to as male menopause, this condition alludes to the reduced testosterone level of the male body. However, this condition significantly differs from female menopause in the very fact that not every middle aged man will go through this phase or be afflicted by this condition.

What is the cause behind it?
The causes of male menopause are as follows:

  1. Drop in testosterone levels: The hormone testosterone produced in the testes not only regulates the sexual drive in a man, but also ushers in puberty as a boy gradually becomes a man. Testosterone secretion helps in the development of body hair, regulation of physical and emotional energy, the change in your voice and the muscular mass of the body. The reduction of testosterone occurs gradually in the male body as you reach the age of 30 and by the age of 40-45, the testosterone level falls significantly. It can drop even further after 50 which may lead to male menopause, also termed as andropause.
  2. Underlying physical or psychological conditions: As a man gets older, other physiological factors that may afflict his body could be hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea and many others. These could also end up reducing the testosterone levels within the body resulting in male menopause. Depression, anxiety and even mental disorders have been attributed to triggering this condition.

What are its signs
The symptoms of male menopause typically occur at the same age as when a female approaches menopause. The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Decreased sex drive.
  2. Lack of concentration and enthusiasm in general.
  3. Depression and a reduced sense of self-belief.
  4. Infertility and problems with erection.
  5. Significant loss in muscular mass and body hair.
  6. Sudden growth of breasts and decrease in bone density.
  7. Body fat suddenly increases.
  8. Prolonged sensation of fatigue.
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