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Low Ovarian Reserves - Its Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment!

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Low Ovarian Reserves - Its Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment!

The ovarian reserves in any women mean the quality of reproduction of the eggs in the women. However, low ovarian reserves indicate that there are factors due to which the quality of ovaries to reproduce is diminishing and causing infertility in women. Many factors are contributing to this condition, but aging is the prime cause of low ovarian reserve. Studies have shown that low ovarian reserves can be treated with new age medical science and reproduction technology.

Leading Causes of Low Ovarian Reserves-

As mentioned above, generally menopause and aging are the causes of the diminished quality of eggs in women. However, with the change in time, doctors have noticed below mentioned causes too for this condition:

● Genetic problems like tender chromosome X or distressed chromosome present in women.
● History of ovarian surgery: If the patient has undergone any ovarian surgery in the past, it may result in low ovarian reserves.
Smoking cigarettes: Smoking actively and passively hinders the ovaries of women. It results in inhalation of harmful gas and can cause low ovarian reserves.
● Any other environmental factors like exposure to radiation, exposure to chemicals or radioactive waves, etc.

Symptoms of Low Ovarian Reserves-
There are no such symptoms noted by patients in low ovarian reserves. The problems faced by patient are trouble in conceiving and not being able to have a baby. Some women may also observe delay in their period cycles, depletion of bleeding or spotting before period cycles.

Diagnosis of Low Ovarian Reserves-
There is a debate regarding the diagnosis method of this condition. However, doctors use the combination of ultrasound of vaginal area and testing of hormones. The combination of both helps the endocrinologists to determine the quality and number of eggs in the women to reproduce successfully. The hormone evaluations include the level checking of FSH, estrogen, and the AMH. The evaluation takes by testing the level of FSH and AMH in women in her early days of menstrual cycle. These are good indicators of fertility in women. FSH helps to determine the stimulation of fertility and ability to conceive, and AMH indicates the number of quality eggs women carry.

There are several treatments available for low ovarian reserves condition. But, IVF method along with donors’ eggs fertilization is considered the best. The aging of the ovaries cannot be stopped. But, when a woman notices the symptoms and causes as mentioned earlier, she can freeze her ovaries which can be used later. However, this method entails risks and gets affected by other factors. In the donor eggs method, fertilization takes place with the partner's sperm and pregnancy can be achieved by implanting the embryo in recipient womb. However, the characteristics of the baby will not match as the birth mother but will match the egg donor. The recipient mother will only get to carry the baby till the time of delivery. An early course of IVF is the only option left with the women facing problems of low ovarian reserves. Other methods are time taking and involve high cost. They do not guarantee safe and successful pregnancy and childbirth. Consulting a doctor is always recommended before going for any method.

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