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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Lemon - How Keeping It Near Your Bed Will Help You?

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Dr. Mahesh Kumar GuptaAyurvedic Doctor • 34 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Certificate In Osteopathy, Panchakarma Training, D.P.CH, MSc in Yoga and Life Science
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The refreshing aroma of the lemon has a significant role to play in ensuring the health of people than just merely being used as food flavoring. Known to be loaded with potassium, antioxidants, calcium, Vitamin B, and various other nutrients, simply placing them in the bedroom can both mentally and physically improve one’s health. Below are some of the outstanding health benefits of this habit.

  1.  Reduces stressThe failure of the activation of the receptors like adenosine A or 2A on the cell membranes is known to cause anxiety, insomnia and impaired transmission of dopamine. However, it is the citrus smell present in the lemons that help in soothing the mind and the body and relaxing the brain by activating the receptors present on the cell membrane.
  2. Improves air quality: A poor air quality inside the house not only makes the environment of the house an unhealthy one but also gives rise of airborne bacteria and germs. Keeping few sliced lemons near your bed not only freshens the air with its sweet citrus smell; but also absorbs the harmful bacteria present in the air, rendering fresh and clean air.
  3. Improves breathing: When it comes to getting rid of the stuffy nose that makes one restless and sleepless in his or her bed at night, keeping sliced lemons near the bed can do wonders. The gentle citrus smell of the lemons improves one’s breathing by soothing the nostrils. The inhaling of the smell of this anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial fruit helps in keeping the nasal way clear. The essential oil limonene that this fruit contains helps in alleviating other breathing-related issues such as common cold or asthma as well.
  4. Great insect repellant: Without having to use any harmful chemicals that may cause skin and respiratory issues or damage the endocrine system, putting lemon slices near one's bed can serve as a great natural insect replant. Placing this little yellow fruit on the other side of one's bed room keeps all sorts of insects at bay. It is the strong citrus smell of this natural repellent that repels the insects.
  5. Lowers the blood pressure: The sweet aroma of lemons also has a role to play in reducing the blood pressure or maintaining it. Due to the calming effects that this fruit possesses, smelling lemons that are kept near the bed, helps to relax the body as well as reducing the blood pressure.

A lemon functions way beyond as a kitchen fruit or a simple flavoring agent. Based on the considerable numbers of therapeutic properties, a lemon should be there in the house, especially in the bed rooms, if you want to reap the magical benefits of this little citrus fruit. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.


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