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Laser Skin Tightening Procedure - Things You Must Know About It!

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Laser Skin Tightening Procedure - Things You Must Know About It!

Laser skin tightening is a procedure that uses laser to enhance the appearance of the skin and treat minor facial flaws. This procedure is performed with the help of two types of lasers: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative laser is used to remove thin layers of skin, while a non-ablative laser is the one which causes growth of collagen and tightens the skin underneath.

Non-ablative laser is less invasive and requires less time to recover, although it's less effective than laser resurfacing, which is done with an ablative laser.

A laser tightening skin procedure can decrease fines lines on the face, making you look younger and giving a smooth appearance to your skin. It can also be used to treat uneven skin tone and improve your complexion, besides helping the treatment of sunburns and scars to a certain extent.

This Ablative Laser procedure is usually used to treat:

1. Wrinkles
2. age spots
3. Skin damage caused by sun rays
4. Scars caused due to burns, accidents, chicken pox or severe acne
5. Irregular or uneven skin tone or texture

Before performing the procedure a doctor is likely to check your:

1. Medical history - Doctors cross check your current and previous medical history, including medications and medical conditions.
2. Physical examination - A skin test may be done if needed, prior to performing such a surgery.

After the procedure is carried out, you may encounter initial minor problems like itching, swelling or redness.

You may be advised to take medications and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. During the procedure, a highly intense beam of light is directed on the skin. This laser beam destroys the upper layer of skin and also heats the underlying layers of epithelial cells. Resultantly, it causes the collagen fibers to shrink, thereby tightening your skin and giving you a younger appearance. Post the procedure, ice packs can be used to cool down the skin.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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