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Kshar Sutra - How It Can Be Helpful In Treating Fistula?

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Kshar Sutra - How It Can Be Helpful In Treating Fistula?

The modern lifestyle, along with providing comfort, has also made us susceptible to a host of diseases and ailments. The regular and indiscriminate intake of junk foods, high-salt content foods, and sugar-laden fizzy drinks deprives the body of necessary fiber and essential nutrients. These habits can cause the condition known as the fistula. What more, stress and sedentary lifestyles also figure among the primary causes of the disease.

Fistula can generate extreme pain and bleeding during or after passing stool, blood spots in the stool, and an uncomfortable feeling of something hanging from the anus. The disease can trigger a discharge of pus from the anus or the anal region, along with itching and a burning sensation. Constipation is an associated symptom.

Traditional medicines, such as Ayurveda, recommend the Kshara Sutra treatment which is designed to offer both preventive care and relief from fistula. Kshara Sutra is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which helps patients and Ayurvedic practitioners to manage anorectal diseases. It is a safe and cost-effective means to treat fistula, hemorrhoids, and other similar diseases. Indian sages such as Sushruta and Charaka have attested to the efficacy of such Ayurvedic interventions. In modern times, the efficacy of the procedure has been re-evaluated by the Department of Shalya Tantra in the Benaras Hindu University. The technique is widely practiced in India and some other countries.

Patients undergoing Kshara Sutra are anesthetized with either local or general anesthesia. Then a malleable probe is passed through the external opening of the fistula to the internal aperture in the anal canal. The probe is taken out gently through the anal opening along with the Kshara Sutra. Later, both ends of the sutra are tied together. The process is repeated once every week and gradually helps in healing the infected tract.

The treatment helps to cut, drain, and heal the fistulous track which causes the discomfort. It also destroys and helps in the removal of unhealthy tissues, thereby facilitating fast healing of the fistula tract. The Kshara Sutra therapy also controls infection through its microbicidal action. It separates the debris and completely cleans the wound.


Also, this simple and safe para-surgical process is ambulatory, and patient need not stay overnight in the hospital. They may freely pursue their day to day activities immediately after the process is administered. The treatment does not trigger any complications, such as incontinence or stenosis, or strictures. This makes it suitable for patients of all ages.

The procedure being natural, and promises prevention and cure, is recommended to patients that suffer from fistula. 

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