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Know More About Facelift

Dr. Pk Talwar 89% (152 ratings)
FAPS (Cosmetic Surgery)-USA,, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi  •  40 years experience
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I am Dr PK Talwar cosmetic surgeon. I have been doing cosmetic surgery for last 28 years in Delhi. The topic which I would like to speak today is facelift and blepharoplasty, you see with precious of time all because of gravity, pollution and other factors and because of loss of fat, our skin and muscles of the face they become LAX and that is how the signs of aging come. Now to counter that previously we used to do surgical facelift, now what is surgical facelift, a surgical facelift we used to cut the skin in front of the ears and behind the neck open the skin like bonnet of a car, tighten the muscles and then excise the extra skin and pull it up and suture it with that the patient will have nice look. But surgery is now getting less and less preferred by the patients and patient want something which is non-invasive, the reason is that though the scars are very minimal and you hardly find out the scar but because of slight pain, swelling or hospitalization or a day or so, patient did not prefer facelift especially in contemporary time because now there are other techniques are also available but why we are doing surgical facelift I think that it would give you the best possible best result because surgically you can tighten the muscle and the skin. Now the other techniques which came in to help the patient was restarted thread lift now with the thread they used to barbed threads their small barbs you will introduce the barbs from the temporal region below the skin and skin of the face lift of the skin and put it on the barbs with that the skin will be held up by the barbs. They used to be absorbable or non-absorbable different kinds of techniques and with these barbs, the result will not last as long as the surgical facelift but at the same time, it will last for years 2 years or 3 years it depends on how good you are taking care of your facial skin. This thread lift is still very common because it is one of the non-invasive techniques though there are other thread which can you can do it even like cog threads, even you can do in the office but still I prefer that the thread left in a surgical operation theatre will do with longer results and it will definitely give a better results. Now with the precious of time, the skin around your eyes also become black and in that what you can do is, you can always cut the skin here, lift up and then suture it back, it will give you more youthful look. Now again the problem has come with the people who do not want even this surgery, now so there have been other techniques which have come up to improve your eyes which we will be talking in our next lectures. Now with this new technique or thread lifts or the blepharoplasty, you don't need any hospitalization, what you do is come to an operation theatres get it within one hour, get the thread lift in one hour and then you can go back home and there is hardly any swelling. Though we give some antibiotics and mixing for reducing the edema etc. because if there is swelling it will use to heal 5 or 7 days of time and there are certain precautions which we tell the patient that not to wide open the mouth etc and we have seen that lot of patients lot of patients are now coming for work with the non-surgical facelift or thread lift because they really love it that something which doesn't leave any scar at all.

Thank you very much.

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