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Know More About Brain-Related Problem

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MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery, MBBS
Neurosurgeon, Greater Noida  •  18years experience
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I am Dr. Vikas Bhardwaj. I am a Neuro Surgeon. I have passed my MCH degree from King George Medical College Lucknow and I am working in city of Greater Noida in Sharda Hospital for seven years. In Sharda Hospital I head the Department of Neuro Sciences and Spinal Surgeries. Normally we do operate upon brain tumors and spine patients and in spine we normally operate upon spinal fractures and spinal ailments like degenerative ailments disc and malformations. In the Brain we operate upon the brain tumors or brain cyst brain infections or head injuries. Normally we operate upon 15 to 20 patients of brain and 10 to 20 patients of spine every month. I have a clinic also in Alpha first Greater Noida with the name of Neuron Clinic. This clinic I see normally patients from 6 to 8 daily. I have a particular interest in operating upon the brain tumor with the micro neuro surgical facilities. These are very difficult operations and complicated operations but in the Department of Neuro Sciences Sharda Hospital we have got all the facilities to operate upon these complicated cases. We have got microscope high end called Zeiss Microscopes Qusais high end neuro surgical drills. We have got a separate neuro ICU and neuro department neuro wards and neuro OPDs.

That is why we have got a complete neuro rehabilitative and neuro surgical team which helps in managing these patients very well. In OPD normally we see the patients of head injuries, migraine, alzheimer disease, Parkinsons disease Neuro development disorder in children, we see the patient of epilepsy hypertensive hemorrhages stroke and the spine problems like to disc disease lumbar disc cervical disc the back pains and cervical pains also. Aj mein apko migraine ke barey mein batana chahata hoon. Migraine ek aisa problem hain this time bohut common hain. Migraine aisa problem hain bohut saare patients daily OPD mein aatey hain. Migraine specially female mein hota hain normally young age mein hota hain. Migraine is not a disease as such, ik bimari nahi kahey saktey ho, its just a disturbance only. It is the disturbance of the chemicals in the brain normally.

Jo disturbance hain wo kisi bhi bohut sari aggravating factors hain jinki wajey se a sakta hain. Aj hum kuch aggravating factors jo chhez hain lifestyle mein daily routine mein humlog karte hain unki wajey se Migraine aggravation hota hain, unke baarey mein batayenge. First of all mein light ke barey mein, light kisi bhi type ki ho wo migraine ko aggravate kar sakti hain, sunlight any room light like tubelight or jaise ki TV, TV ki LED resources jaise ki TV mobile laptop, these are the heavy LED sources- to yeh sabhi lights bohut jyada migraine ko aggravate kar sakti hain. Second we come to the fasting. Fasting ajkal normally, fasting is s trend weight loose karne ke liye young girls fasting karti hain whatever. Fasting bohut common factor hain jo migraine ko aggravate karta hain. Fasting ke wajey se blood glucose level hamara down chala jata hain, glucose brain ke liye ak feed hain, agar glucose kam ho jata hain to brain usey disturb hota hain aur stress chemicals release karta hain.

These stress chemicals are ultimately the cause of Migraine. We should not go for fasting and third and third we can take spicy food, the food habits like spicy food cold drinks and we take market foods which are having very serious chemicals which can stimulate the brain to release the stress chemicals. To in this way the normal lifestyle problems are there which can lead to migraine ultimately.aur is migraine ke liye humein this is not a very serious problem but kabhi kabhi migraine ki dard hone ke wajey se patients mein pscychological disorders bhi a jatey hain. Aur patient dhire dhire karke itna pschycological disturb ho jata hain ke wo apne professional life mein apne personal life mein family life mein bohut jyada disturbance ho jata hain. Iske liye migraine ke liye there are tablets. There are 2 type of treatments basically. We can give the prophylactic treatment and we can give the treatment of acute attack. Means jab patient ko ak lambey samay ke liye ak se der mahine do mahine tak ke liye hum tablets dete hain jinke wajey se chemicals jo disturb huye hain wo normal a sakey.

Wo tablets bohut saare groups ke hotey hain, jo patients ko suit karte hain uske hisab se hum patients ko de sakte hain. Kuch tablets acute attack ke liye jis time patients ko bohut headache hotey hain bohut problem hota hain anxiety hoti hain. Kuch tablets us time ke liye patients ko diye jatey hain. These are having so many families ab bohut advanced without sideeffect wali tablets hamare paas hain jinko hum de sakta hain. To is tarike se migraine ka treatment normally ak se der mahine ya do mahine tak chala karta hain. Beech beech mein patient ki jo severity of headache hain aur jo frequency of headache hain wok am hoti chali jati hain. Aur pschycologically patient mein jo minor depression sometime minor anxiety sometimes the patient becomes very perplexed aur bohut anxious ho jatey hain aur neend ka disturbance jo hota hain wo bhi cover kiya jata hain. Is tarike se migraine ko cover karke hum patient mein jo ki pschycological disturbances and psychiatric problems hain unko aane se rok sakte hain. So migraine should be treated well in time to avoid all these psychological disturbances and to avoid all the loses at the family front professional front or at the personal front also.


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