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I am Dr. Anjuli Dixit and today I am today talking about signs of infertility which you can diagnose early and then you can consult any gynecologist nearby your area to treat your infertility at the earliest. These signs differ in female and male. In the female, the signs are Dysmenorrhea, intermenstrual bleeding or spotting, irregular periods, weight gain with facial hair growth, hair growth on abdomen and chest, pelvic pain. It may also be associated with infertility. In case of chronic pelvic pain, you should consult a gynecologist to rule out any gynaecological abnormality in your pelvic area. Other signs and symptoms include white discharge.

If it is a long-term then you should consult any gynaecologist because this white discharge may be due to pathogenic development of some organism in your vaginal area or in your cervical area which may lead to infertility. If this white discharge is changing according to your cycle then it is normal but if it changes the colour then it is pathological and you should meet any gynaecologist. Besides these, if you are having intermenstrual spotting and bleeding then this may also be because of any polyp or any fibroid present in uterus which may lead to infertility. So you should consult at the earliest at a gynecologist. In cases of male, the signs are different.

These are difficulty in ejaculation, difficulty in erection or difficulty in penetration. This may also be because of hormonal imbalance or due to some abnormality in the genital organs. So in case of these changes you should consult any male andrologist for infertility process. Besides these symptoms their may also be low sperm count or abnormal sperms present in semen. This may also lead to male infertility. Some swelling in genital organ also lead to or some swelling in testis also leads to infertility. So in case you find any problem you should consult at the earliest to an andrologist or gynaecologist to diagnose any problem which may lead to infertility early in the married life.

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