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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

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Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for Piles, Fissure, and Fistula

Rakesh Gupta: Myself Dr. Rakesh Gupta.
Ruchi Gupta: Hello I'm Dr. Ruchi Gupta.
Rakesh Gupta: From Center for Piles & Fistula.
Ruchi Gupta: We've launched this Center for Piles & Fistula since 10yrs and this is a very specific center mainly for anorectal disorder like piles, fissures and fistula.
Rakesh Gupta: I would like to tell about the disease which we're treating. The most common diseases of anorectal disorders are piles, fissure and fistula. First of all I would like to tell about piles. Piles is basically disease of the anal region. It's main symptoms are bleeding from the anal region during passing of stool.

Piles are of four stages:

  • First degree
  • Second degree
  • Third degree
  • Fourth degree

Proper pile can be analysed only by digital examination we do at the center. The first degree and second degree are best treated succesfully by infrared therapy and Ayurvedic therapy. Third degree and fourth degree piles are best treated succesfully by Ayurvedic therapies.

Ruchi Gupta: Fissure is unhealed wound occuring in the anal region. There are a lot of reasons that can cause fission like constipation, irregular bowel movements, junk food eating habits. LAdies generally suffer from fissure during pregnancy or post delivery. It is best treated succesfully by ayurvedic therapy and our therapy has magical results in fissure.

Rakesh Gupta: Fistula is a chronic waste discharge from the anal region. Patient can analyse easily, saying discharge is coming from anal region. Fistula is basically identified by two openings, one is external opening and another one is internal openings. External opening is something that the patient can analyse easily but internal opening can only be analyzed by a doctor by digital recognition or proctoscopic examination. It is successfully treated only by Ayurvedic therapy. And then we've Pilonidal Sinus. It is a mid and post pilonidal sinus commonly seen in young adults usually without any communication with the rectum. This is also a very common disease in teenagers. The main reason is that a tuft of hair comes out from the pilonidal sinus region. It is best treated succesfully only by Ayurvedic therapy.

The question that can come in your mind is what is the benefit of Ayurvedic therapy. The major benefits of Ayurvedic theraoy is the minimum chances of recurrence and also there is no side effects. Thats's why we prefer Ayurvedic procedures as compared to Alopathic surgery.

If you want to know more details about this particular type of disease or if you are suffering from such kind of disorder you can contact me through Lybrate or visit the center at Rohini and Indirapuram. Thank you.

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