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How Homeopathy Transforms Your Sex Life?

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How Homeopathy Transforms Your Sex Life?

Do you feel like sex has become a burden for you? You know you love your partner but when it comes to sex, you feel as if you have lost that desire? Then you are not the only one.

Many people go through a similar phase, known as loss of sex desire or low libido. This condition tends to affect you not just mentally but also your relationship with your partner and spouse. Sex is a type of communication between various hormones and neurotransmitters. Only when these two things work in harmony, you feel that sexual desire and excitement.

What is causing you to lose your sex desire?
A number of factors cause a person to experience sexual aversion. Knowing about these causes can help you understand and diagnose the problem. Some of the causes of this condition are the following:

  1. Stress
  2. Diabetes
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Impotency
  6. Child sexual abuse
  7. Childbirth
  8. Drugs
  9. Hypothyroid (when the thyroid gland fails to generate sufficient hormones)
  10. Birth control medication
  11. Inadequate testosterone levels in men
  12. Substance abuse such as drugs, smoking and alcohol
  13. Hysterectomy (a procedure which removes the uterus) in case of women
  14. Pregnancy
  15. Absence of mental and emotional satisfaction in a marriage
  16. Uncomfortable and painful sex due to decreased supply of blood to the vagina

How can you determine if you are suffering from low libido?
Knowing and recognizing the problem will go a long way in remedying this problem. This is how you can understand whether you are suffering from low libido:

  1. Diminished sex drive i.e., if you don’t feel like having frequent sex like before
  2. Feeling sluggish when faced with the prospect of having sex
  3. When you realize sex has become more like a chore or duty rather than something spontaneous and pleasurable
  4. If your partner or spouse has to put a lot more effort than normal in arousing you
  5. You don’t enjoy sex as much as you used to
  6. If you hardly think of sex as much as you used to
  7. You just stop caring about sex altogether

How does homeopathy play a role in making this problem better?
Since homeopathy is completely natural, it always targets the body’s healing function by restoring and rejuvenating it. Because diminished sexual desire is an emotional and psychological condition, homeopathy can greatly help in treating it by eradicating the emotional triggers. Even though homeopathy takes a longer time in treating problems it is because it strikes at the root of the problem and permanently gets rid of the disorder. Your homeopath doctor will formulate your medicines very precisely keeping in mind your symptoms and difficulties and this will help treat your condition better. There remains a very little chance of the same problem recurring. Since homeopathic medicines are extremely diluted, there are hardly any side effects.

Sex is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a very crucial part of a relationship and marriage and just because you are suffering from a low libido now, that does not mean you are going to feel like that forever. So, trust the power of homeopathy and get your sex life back on track.

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