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Homoeopathic Treatment For Nose Bleeding - Effective Medicines

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Homoeopathic Treatment For Nose Bleeding - Effective Medicines

Bleeding from the nose in medical terminology is called 'Epistaxis'. It may be an indicator of weakened mucosa or septum or an inner disease. Bleeding from nose can occur suddenly, threatening life and making everyone anxious and restless. The nose comprises of many tiny vessels that bleed easily.

Air movement through the nose can dry up and irritate the membranes lining the inside of the nose thus leading to the formation of crusts. These crusts bleed when irritated by rubbing or blowing the nose. The lining of the nose is more likely to become dry and irritated from low humidity, allergies, cold, or sinusitis. Hence nosebleeds occur more frequently in the winter when viruses are common and heated indoor air dries out the nostrils.

Homeopathic Treatment for Nose Bleeding

The homeopathic treatment not only treats for nose bleeding, but it also tries to address the underlying cause for the nosebleed condition. Since Homeopathy treatment is patient-oriented, in contrast to disease-oriented allopathy, it gives importance to every feeling of the patient and aggravating factors.

It reduces or stops bleeding by strengthening the nasal mucous membranes, blood vessel walls, and by reducing congestion. By raising the immunity power, it prevents allergic reaction in the nose. Homeopathic treatment can give permanent relief to nose bleed without any side-effects.

As homeopathy treatment works by restoring the vital balance in the body, it is an ideal therapy for the treatment of nosebleeds. One can choose one of the remedies listed below in the 6c or 30c strength, depending on the cause and symptoms. 

Homeopathic Medicines for Nose Bleeding

Arnica & Arsen alb When nosebleeds occur as a result of injury or after washing the face, with the nosebleed preceded by a burning sensation, Arnica is an excellent homeopathic remedy for nose bleed problem. Arnica is useful when there is copious bleeding after every over-exertion and during whooping cough. If there is a nosebleed after a fit of anger with a passive hemorrhage, accompanied by vomiting and nausea, Arsen alb has been found to be very effective.

Belladonna: Homeopathic medicine Belladonna is recommended for nosebleeds in little children which occurs during fever at night. Belladonna is also effective when the nose bleeds in bed or on waking in the morning. Elderly people who sneeze a lot leading to nose bleed can take Carbo veg. They feel very fatigued and want cold air on them or want to be fanned. 

Cina, Ferrum Phos & Hamamelis: These homeopathic remedies for nose bleeding is used for children suffering from worms should be given. Such children have a constant desire to rub or pick into the nose, which damages the nasal mucosa. Ferrum Phos is recommended if the person is pale, flushed, feels weak, and feverish. When there are frequent nosebleeds due to a friable capillary in the nostril accompanied by engorged veins in the legs, then Hamamelis (witch hazel) gives relief.

Kali Bich: Effective nose bleeding homeopathy medicine after a cold, preceded by pressure and tightness at the root of the nose. Phosphorus is helpful when profuse, bright red blood flows freely and will not clot, whereas Pulsatilla is for constitutional people with nasal polyps that cause nosebleeds.

These medicines should be taken only after the diagnosis cum advice of a qualified Homeopath.

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