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I am Dr Nandini Sharma and I am the homeopathic physician.

Today I want to talk about allergies. These days we common hear patients coming to us or whenever we go out for party “OH I am allergic to eggs”, “oh I can’t go out in the smog; it gives me a lot of itching in the eyes”. Being or sometimes everyday in the morning when you hear someone in the house is having continuous sneezes in the morning. These are all the symptoms of allergies. Yes friends, it is allergy which is common in our city. One out of five in Delhi are suffering with one or the other symptoms of allergies. Often patients comes to us taking anti-allergic for years together without any relieve. Homeopathy the allergies can be present in the form of different forms. It can present in the form of respiratory disorders where they can present recurrent tonsillitis, adenoids; they can represent [inaudible 00:01:14] allergic rhinitis which is early morning sneezing, running nose. It can form, it can present in the form of cough. It can also present in the form of your skin symptoms where you have eczema, it can present in your hives and urticarial or chapaki in our common language. It can form also in the form of gastritis where the patient can represent in the form of stomach cramps, loose motions, constipation or diarrhea. It can also sometimes present in the form of joint pain or a muscular pain when people says “bile hogai” which is a common symptom what common patient talks about. Friends ; these are all symptoms of one disease which is called Alertec. Allergies have different manifesto , I will say is a hydra headed snake which is there in the system. And interestingly when you try to treat one allergy. For example if you treat your asthma or your bronchitis it will starts to manifest in the form of eczema or when you try to treat eczema or when we try to treat hives or skin allergies it may represent in the form of stomach disorder. Yes then what is the answer? Answer is Homeopathic because through homeopathy that we can relieve all your symptoms because homeopathy is not treating one system of your body, It is treating the whole system of your body. Because homeopathic medicine is not being given only on the symptoms of skin symptoms or in the form of symptoms of cough. It is given as a patient as a whole. It individualizes it’s a customized medicine. It is like going to homeopathic doctor means you are going to a designer to design your outfit perfectly. So when you go to a homeopathic doctor, they will going to take the whole history, the history doesn’t starts from the present symptoms but it starts from the time of your conceivement with a child how is your condition of your mother when you are carrying a baby. It starts from the childhood, it starts from the environment, family environment, it starts from the upbringing of the child. It depends on how and what are the reasons. So it might take one hour to give you a history but it is important to cure your symptoms. Friends; don’t get free to anti-allergics for years but treat your conditions with homeopathy. Yes homeopathy can treat your symptoms. Come and take homeopathic pills, these sweet pills, these white pills that you look they are wonderful drugs. Now it has improved through nano technology, homeopathy has power to heal.

Thank you!

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