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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2024

Homeopathic Remedies For Low Blood Pressure!

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Dr. Pawan UniyalHomeopathy Doctor • 10 Years Exp.BHMS, MBA (Healthcare)
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Low blood pressure is also known as hypotension. Low blood pressure can be characterized by extreme fatigue, constant recurrence of headache, and drowsiness throughout the day. It can also cause severe vertigo, nausea, and even fainting.

Cause of Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can be caused due to dehydration, anaemia, hypothyroidism, lack of essential nutrients in diet, extreme stress, or heart conditions.

How Homeopathy Remedies Helps in Low Blood Pressure

Homeopathy is a safe, natural method of treating low blood pressure. It is an effective remedy without causing detrimental consequences or adverse side effects. Homeopathic medicines start by providing “symptomatic” relief. It eases vertigo, nausea, fatigue, and provides relief so that the patient can carry on with daily activities without hindrance. The next step is to normalize the blood circulation in the body, which also includes an improvement in the pulse rate and heart functions. This is done to maintain the normal blood pressure range.

To treat low blood pressure with homeopathic medicine first we need to find the right cause of low blood pressure. This includes a detailed study and analysis of the medical history of the patient. There are different causes of low blood pressure and different age groups are affected. Therefore, medicines are prescribed accordingly.

Homeopathic Medicines for Low Blood Pressure

Check out the list of home remedies for low blood pressure that really works with no side effects:

  1. Gelsemium and Viscum Album: These are effective homeopathic medicines for low blood pressure patients and mostly prescribed to patients who are accompanied by extreme vertigo and nausea. Sometimes the patients also suffer from a constant dull aching head and feelings of stress. The pulse is usually slow and weak, causing persistent fatigue.
  2. Glonoine and Natrum Mur: Effective Homeopathic remedies help to maintain low blood pressure when it unexpectedly falls due to prolonged sun exposure. Heavy headedness, vertigo, nausea, fainting spells are common in such cases.
  3. Carbo veg and China: They are highly potent homeopathic medicines in case of an abnormal fall in blood pressure caused by severe diarrhoea and dehydration. The body has marked signs of exhaustion and the pulse is so weak that it is often imperceptible.
  4. China and Ferrum Met: This homeopathic medicine is prescribed when the blood pressure falls due to heavy blood loss. Irregular, feeble purse, anaemia, exhaustion are common symptoms occurring from blood loss due to hemorrhage.

It is important to include nutrients, dairy products, and increase the intake of iron-containing food along with homeopathic medicine for low blood pressure to control and health improvement process. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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