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Healthy Life And Dietary Modifications

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Dr.Shalini Jain Nawal 87% (32ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DGO
IVF Specialist, Gurgaon  •  23years experience
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Hello friends!

I am Dr. Shalini Jain Naval from Sunrise Lifecare IVF centre and today I am here to discuss healthy dietary habits and lifestyle modification in patients who are trying to conceive. The healthy diet is very important for ovulation as well as to increase the sperm count. Folic acid supplementation is very important in patients who are trying to conceive. It is present in green leafy vegetables, legumes, grains etc. Omega 3 fatty acids which are normally seen in fish and avocado that also helps in healthy ovulation. A diet should be poor in trans fats and which is normally seen in fast foods and aerated drinks. We should consume more of complex carbohydrates which are present in whole grains, seeds and we should try to have lots of plant proteins like soya, beans, seeds and lentils which are low in calories intake also. Try to consume as much of whole milk and avoid skimmed milk or skimmed milk powder as whole milk is beneficial for ovulation.

Also try to increase your iron intake by means of green leafy vegetables, dry nuts and fruits. Along with it also take vitamin C present in Guava and Amla. Here I would also like to talk about some Ayurveda supplementation like Ashvagandha, Amlaki, Shataki etc. which helps to increase your fertility levels. So if we are following a balanced diet and avoiding smoke and alcohol, it definitely boosts the results even if you are getting any kind of infertility treatment.


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