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Hair Loss At An Early Age

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Dr.Sumit Agrawal 88% (89ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Hello everybody!

Myself Dr. Sumit Agrawal. I am a consultant plastic and hair transplant surgeon, today I will be discussing a very common topic which is quite hot nowadays is hair loss happening in early youth. It is quite common nowadays to see that the hair loss starting in the early twenties. We now quite regularly see a lot of patients coming in the 18 to 20 year age group with starting of the hair thinning and receding of the hairline. The parents are quite anxious about the early loss of hair loss. You have generally seen that it happens more in families where there is a history of hereditary hair loss, where although the father or the uncle may have lost hairs at an age group of around 40 to 50s in the younger generation in the kids, it has started at an early age group of 20s.

Probably it is more because of the unhealthy lifestyle and pollution, environment, stress of studies and junk food. So, in these cases we generally advise the patients, the families that the child should be eating more of should have more homemade food with more protein and eggs. You should avoid junk food and even multivitamin tablets can be added to compensate for the micronutrients deficiency. Oiling and shampooing have to be done regularly. Better avoid spa and other these hair care procedures and all and even meditation and Pranayam regularly can help in slowing down the hair loss. But ultimately these these these children may become a candidate of hair transplant if the hairline has receded significantly.

So, in those cases they may ultimately require a transplant but we generally do transplants once only they have crossed the age group of 20-21 year age and only after fully considering their age of start of hair loss, their familial pattern of hair loss, the medical history of the treatments they have taken for the hair loss and what are their expectations from the hair transplant. So, all these factors need to be considered if we are planning for a hair transplant in an early age group. In hair transplant, there are basically two techniques: the FUT strip technique and FUE technique which is also known as the DHT technique.

In this young generation, it is a most of the time it is just frontal hairline restoration, so it's a small session, so we generally prefer FUE: the without stitches technique for these small sessions of covering the frontal hairline. It's more of friendly, less invasive and recovery is comparatively faster compared to the earlier FUT: the strip technique. It is a simple one-day session done under local anesthesia. You come to the clinic in the morning, you walk out in out in the evening, take rest for three, four, five days before resuming the college or the work and these transplanted hairs they take some time to grow that they start growing in three months, you see good density in 6 months and complete result in 10 to 12 months. So it takes almost a year to get the complete result and even after the transplant they still have to continue the multivitamins and the medicines to maintain the existing hair for the long-term. So this is all about the hair loss in the early which we are facing quite common nowadays.

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Thank you.

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