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Facelift Surgery - Know Its Complication!

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Facelift Surgery - Know Its Complication!

Are you thinking of undergoing a facelift surgery? It is a common form of cosmetic surgery which is undertaken for enhancing certain features of the face. Although the procedure is considered to be safe, several complications and side effects are likely. You can expect complications such as scarring. It is very important to choose an efficient and experienced plastic surgeon as the success of the surgery depends a lot on him.


The major side effects of a facelift surgery are similar to the side effects of any kind of surgical procedure. However, there are some distinct complications which are associated with a facelift surgery. They are as follows:

  1. Pain: Although most patients experience minor pain after a facelift surgery, a pain medication is usually prescribed by your surgeon for easing any kind of discomfort you experience. Skin numbness is likely after the surgery, which fades away on its own within a few days.
  2. Swelling: A lot of swelling occurs right after a facelift surgery is completed. However, this is nothing to be worried about as swelling is a part of your body’s natural reaction to any kind of injury. It subsides on its own as the body starts healing itself. The major swelling goes away within a few days, but some swelling may be experienced for several weeks after the surgery.
  3. Bruising: Similar to swelling, bruising is also a natural aspect of the body after a facelift surgery. It occurs as the body reacts to the changes. Bruising is most common during the first few days after a facelift surgery, and it is most likely to occur in the eyes. It takes some months for the bruising to heal completely. Improvement in bruising can be observed with each passing day.
  4. Scarring: Scarring is likely to remain pink for some months after a facelift surgery, after which it turns whitish and less noticeable.


Apart from the risks associated with any surgical procedure, other risks and complications which are likely after a facelift surgery are as follows:

  1. Injury to the nerves which control your facial muscles, although this is temporary.
  2. Problems related to proper skin healing. This is more common in patients who smoke.
  3. Crusts on the incisions made during the facelift surgery are also indicated. This too is temporary.
  4. A numb and tingling sensation around the incisions may be experienced.
  5. In some rare cases, skin and hair loss are observed.
  6. Skin discoloration is also likely in some cases which may last for several months.

Moreover, reaction to the anesthesia during a facelift surgery procedure may cause nausea and general sickness in some patients. This is a short lasting complication, which gets solved within some hours.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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