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Energy Boosting Food - Have A List Of It!

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Energy Boosting Food - Have A List Of It!

Have you been noticing an increased level of fatigue for quite some days and that’s pushing you to doze off at the desk? Don’t grab that energy drink with an attractive name, sniff through an energy bar in place of gulping down that chemical cocktail. If you are willing to take your energy levels off the charts, it’s important to pay attention to your daily meals and check whether they are able to cater to your daily needs of energy.

Here goes a list of top 6 things that can spike up your energy levels:

  1. Water: You may have heard of it quite a few times, but that makes sense. The human body has 60 per cent water constituency implying that the muscles, skin and brain have a considerable amount of water. Several studies show that even a bit of dehydration can reduce your energy levels by slowing down the metabolism. Thus, keep hydrated as much as possible, and you can even add basil, mint, lime juice or something healthy to make it tastier.
  2. Seeds, nuts and oils: Just because almonds and peanut butter have high levels of fat content, it doesn’t necessarily signify that you should be avoiding them. All these are healthy fats, and your body would definitely love the healthy treat and keep you brimming with energy.
  3. Greek yoghurt: This healthy food consists of high levels of protein and lower amounts of sodium and sugar than regular yoghurt. It will definitely keep you fuller than normal. You can even add a stream of honey or a splash of vanilla or small bits of dark chocolate. This is an easy option for your afternoon cravings, and your body would love it.
  4. Bananas: This fruit contains all the essential vitamins that give your body natural energy and you can eat them on-the-go and there is hardly any need for a dressing. If you are not a lover of this nutritious fruit, then you can dip it in chocolate sauce or add a slab of peanut butter or anything that would make it tastier.
  5. Lean protein: You must have learned in your school biology lesson that protein gives energy? It is required for all functions of the body, including blood clotting, repairing of cuts and nicks as well as the production of antibodies. Eat as much baked salmons, hard-boiled eggs, walnuts, apples, sweet potatoes as you can.
  6. Dark chocolate: If any of the above-mentioned foods couldn’t put a smile on your face, then this is surely going to succeed in doing so. Keep a good amount of dark chocolate with you and grab it anytime you feel fatigued or sleepy.

These yummy foods are yummy treats in the truest sense, and they would surely help in resetting your energy levels.

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